Mojotone is the source for authentic reproduction amplifier kits! Take control of your tone and build one today! We offer complete vintage vacuum tube amplifier kits.

Kits are Unassembled.  The kit cabinets are NOT pre-drilled to mount the chassis (refer to option-25 drill for chassis mounting


Mojotone Tweed Style Amp Kits

    Bassman Style, Champ Style, Deluxe Style, Princeton Style, Pro Style, Super Style, Twin High Power Style, Twin Low Power Style, Vibrolux Style

Mojotone Blackface Style Amp Kits

   Bassman Style, Vibro Champ Style, Princeton Reverb Style, Deluxe Reverb Style, Twin Reverb Style, Super Reverb Style

Mojotone Brownface Style Amp Kits

Mojotone Brownface Deluxe Style Amplifier Kit.  1x12 6G3 Circuit with era specific cosmetics.

Mojotone British Style Amp Kits

    British 800 Style, 18 watt style, British 45 style, 100 Watt style

Mojotone Original Amp Kits

    Interested in a Mojotone original design?  Mojotone 1484 Style, Mojotone Bedroom Amp Kit, Mojotone 50 Watt Bass Amp Kit

Small Part Amplifier Kits

Small parts for our Mojotone line of kits. Capacitors, resistors, fiberboards, power cords, etc.

Special Project Amplifier Modifications

    Blackheart Little Giant Upgrade kit (wired or not wired), Tweed Deluxe prewired fiberboard, Mojotone Discreet High Voltage Series Effects Loop

Switching Kits

   Mojotone Complete MOSFET Switching Soldered Assembly, Mojotone Optoswitcher Soldered Assembly, Mojotone Optoswitcher Module with 6V LED

Relay Switching Kits

   Mojotone Channel / Component Switcher kit, Relay Low Signal DPDT 5V DC 2A, Relay Single Remote Locate PCB, Relay Standalone PCB for channel switching or component switching - 6.3V