Humbucker Cover Video

See how to properly install and remove a humbucker cover.

Installing a Mojotone 335 Assembly

Check out a very unique and easy way to install our 335 assembly without all the fancy complicated tools. 

Installing a Mojotone Bone Nut

Look at how much time can be saved by using our pre-shaped and pre-slotted bone nuts. 

Installing a Mojotone Guitar Assembly

This video demonstrates how easy our prewired assemblies can be to install using a Gibson SG. 

Mojotone Pickups Promotional Video

Get the inside scoop about our very own Mojotone pickups!

Mojotone Replacing and Biasing Tubes

Check out the right way to bias tubes using our T.A.D. Bias Master.

Mojotone Woodshop Promotional Video

Take a look inside our very own woodshop to see what we are all about. 

Quick and Easy Fret Polish

This is quick and easy method to polish your frets.

Restringing a Guitar Video Tutorial

Here we demonstrate a locking restringing method and the steps to take for optimal tuning stability. 

The Mojotone MojoVerb

This video demonstrates our most incredible sounding all tube driven reverb unit we call the MojoVerb. 

Upgrading Capacitor & Volume Mod Video Tutorial

Here we demonstrate how to improve your electronics by installing a new capacitor and volume mod. 

Upgrading Your Pickups Video Tutorial

Learn how to significantly improve the tone of your stock strat pickups without actually changing your pickups.