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Bourns Model 95 500KA Long Shaft Guitar Potentiometer

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The Bourns Model 95 500KA Potentiometer premium guitar pot offers a long life and extremely low noise. It offers all of the advantages of the 82 at a more economical price.
These pots have a 20% tolerance. The main difference in cost between this and the 82 is the 82 has a few more mechanical parts and is a 10% tolerance. Resistive tolerance and taper play a major part in the overall tonal characteristics of a guitar. Materials used in construction of the pot contribute to the stability and performance of the pot. Carbon resistive inks can shift in excess of 10% easily with changes in temperature and humidity due to their hygroscopic characteristic. Conductive polymer inks that are used in Bourns high grade potentiometers are much more stable. The seal will protect the internal components from the effects of temperature, humidity and dust. 

Wiring for a Bourns potentiomoter is slightly different than the standard potentiometer. There are three lugs labelled 1, 2, and 3. The #2 lug, which is closer to the top, is what would be your center lug on a standard potentiometer. Threaded shaft length is 3/8". Dimensions of the base are .620 x .680 x .475

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