JJ Electronic 6L6GC Vacuum Tube

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Filament Current (A): 0.9
Max Dissapation: 30W

JJ Electronic is a world-renowned manufacturer of vacuum tubes, electrolytic capacitors and high-end audio amplifiers. Founded in 1993 by Jan Jurco, a small garage business grew to become a well known and respected in music industry.

JJ vacuum tubes and capacitors are widely used in guitar and audio amplifiers, recording studio equipment and in a variety of applications for audiophiles.

6L6GC is a beam power pentode with an octal base and power of 30W for use in 6L6 amplifiers. It has a lot of headroom and a fat, solid tone. Thanks to its robust construction it is very reliable.

All JJ Electronic products are the result of diligent research in the audio field and its continual application into manufacturing.

30-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

For further information on this product, please feel free to view the datasheet here.

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2/17/2021 1:27 pm


by anonymous

I've used the JJ 6L6GC in several builds to good effect. I've personal had a set in a brown Vibroverb clone for about 5 years and only now are they beginning to tire.

These are the classic 6L6GC 30 watt tube tone, and when used in Fender circuits where a 6L6GC is shown in the schematic, I feel like these tubes impart the true character of the amp design: the tubes are big and deep sounding with plenty of headroom without sounding "beamish". Lows are deep, but clear and defined. Mids are balanced. Highs have sparkle. Overall they are fairly flat in the EQ but they recreate all the depth of tone in a Fender circuit.

I don't think of these as the choice for the correct tweed tone - at least not the authentic tone. But for a Blackface and Browns, where the muddy 5881 tone is not desired - such as in my Vibroverb (a middy and not bright amp) the JJ excel. They give it focus, and define the low end, while giving the amp some missing sparkle without sounding as if the tube is imparting any tone on the amp. To me, it gives the amp what is missing when using other tube types (like the short bottle TAD 6L6GC - nice tube but too fat and loose on the low end with limited headroom).

These are nice tubes - perhaps not as robust as most NOS. A few have had microphonics or tube rattle when removed and shaken: about par for this price point. Mojotone makes good on the occasional issue with only a bit of fuss as I'm sure people misuse tubes and such - but they've taken care of me when I felt a brand new tube should not rattle.

Overall, these are popular for a reason. Classic 6L6GC tone and good construction. Glass is solid and thick. Plates look well constructed. Pins and tube base are beefy. Glass is almost oval shaped.

Safe choice for the classic Fender or similar type tone.