JJ Electronic ECC83S / 12AX7S Vacuum Tube

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Spiral filament, frame grid 12AX7. One of the most reliable tubes made today. Well balanced with even distortion. If you're not sure what type of 12AX7 you need, get this one!

ECC83S is a 12AX7 high gain pre-amplifying double triode. Thanks to its design it also peforms with very low noise and microphonics. Harmonically rich, with a detailed low end and a warm high end.

Gain % as compared to 12AX7 : 100%

30-day warranty against manufacturing defects.

JJ Electronic is a world-renowned manufacturer of vacuum tubes, electrolytic capacitors and high-end audio amplifiers. Founded in 1993 by Jan Jurco, a small garage business grew to become a well known and respected in music industry.

JJ vacuum tubes and capacitors are widely used in guitar and audio amplifiers, recording studio equipment and in a variety of applications for audiophiles. JJ Electronics offers more than 35 preamp, power and rectifier tubes. All tubes were developed by their in-house research and engineering teams. All JJ Electronic products are the result of diligent research in the audio field and its continual application into manufacturing.

For further information on this product, please feel free to view the datasheet.

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2/17/2021 1:27 pm


by anonymous

These are well constructed tubes for the price. Good solid glass, nice looking innards, and thick pins.

Despite their price, I really like these - lots of clarity and detail and just the right amount of gain. They aren't overly gainy.

Noise or microphonics have never been an issue for me. I have had a few go bad - perhaps 1 in 20.

Overall this is my choice for a good clear 12ax7 that will give me the good Fender clean and sound like a 12ax7 should.

These give nice headroom and don't get gritty or grainy like the Tung Sol 12ax7.