Mojotone 32oz TruGlu and Applicator Brush Combo

SKU: 0456803
Weight: 2.8 lb

Kit Contains:
(1) 2" Mojotone Glue Application Brush
(1) 32oz Bottle Mojotone TruGlu Tweed and Tolex Glue

How to use our Mojotone Tolex Glue?
Make sure both surfaces (wood surface & backer side of tolex/tweed) are dry and clean, apply our Mojotone Glue to both the wood surface and the backer side of the tolex/tweed.
Allow 20-30 minutes for our glue to settle and dry, the material will almost become transparent. At that point, you should apply the tolex to the wood surface. Our Glue is very forgiving, you’ll be able to maneuver and reposition our tolex as you apply it to the wood surface. This helps to yield a super clean look… especially for corners and seams. Note - Use forced air for faster drying times. Our glue is a water based material and should not be stored in extremely cold climates (below 32 F) or extremely dry/warm climates (Above 105 F) for long periods of time.
Make sure to reseal your glue after each use. Your amplifier bleeds confidence; you should have the same confidence in the materials keeping your amplifier tolex tight and in place.

Don’t settle for less, do yourself a favor and use our Mojotone Glue for your tweed and tolex covering needs. 

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8/6/2023 11:18 am

Great option for beginners & pros

by CDT -

I've used the "Tru Glu" on a couple of projects now and like the convenience of clean up with water and low fumes. You do need to make sure you let both surfaces you're bonding set up and get tacky before adhering them together or it won't stick as well (had to use super glue in a couple of corners where material had to wrap around the cabinet).

Unlike spray adhesives, you get reasonable working time to pull up and realign the material if needed.