'58 Quiet Coil HSS Strat® Prewired Pickguard

SKU: S358Q456-PW
Weight: 1.6 lb

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Mojotone HSS pickguards are completely hand-wired to perfection with no soldering required. Each pickguard comes loaded with our most popular noiseless Strat pickups, the '58 Quiet Coils in the neck and middle positions, and our exclusive F-Spaced '58 humbucker in the bridge position.
The '58 Quiet Coils offer noise free vintage strat tone without ever compromising true single coil clarity and feel like other hum-cancelling designs. With our custom vintage output '58 humbucker in the bridge position, you get creamy P.A.F. tones that will cut through the mix with authority and unparalleled articulation. Add our unique blender wiring and auto-tapped 2nd position, and you have the most versatile HSS Strat on the planet!


  • SolderlessReady to drop in and play with absolutely no soldering required!
  • Blender WiringBlend in your neck or bridge pickup as much as you want in positions 1,2,4, and 5.
  • NoiselessOur '58 Quiet Coil strat pickups and '58 humbucker eliminate unwanted 60-cycle hum!
  • Auto TapPosition 2 (bridge & middle) automatically coil taps the bridge position humbucker for true Strat single coil quack and tone.
  • Treble BleedOur treble bleed cap allows you to roll your volume control back without ever losing high end clarity and chime.
  • Quality ComponentsVintage taper CTS pots, Oil filled Vitamin "T" tone cap, CRL 5-way switch, and Switchcraft jack.


  • Master Volume: Top Knob
  • Master Tone: Middle Knob
  • Blender Control: Bottom Knob

Blender on 10
  • Position 1: Bridge
  • Position 2: Bridge (tapped) and Middle
  • Position 3: Middle
  • Position 4: Middle and Neck
  • Position 5: Neck

Blender on 0
  • Position 1: Bridge (with Neck blended in)
  • Position 2: Bridge (tapped) and Middle (with Neck blended in)
  • Position 3: Middle
  • Position 4: Middle and Neck (with Bridge blended in)
  • Position 5: Neck (with Bridge blended in)

Neck & Middle: 5.9K / Hum-Cancelling
Bridge: 8.3K / Alnico 4 / F-Spaced

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6/17/2023 10:01 am

The Best Decision I've Made on Tone

by Rocky -

Wish I had done this looooong ago. Love a bargain and I love to mod "cheap" guitars. Sure, I've got a couple of Fenders but my go to guitars have always been Squiers by Fender. I started with an 86 MIJ Squier Strat that I bought at a yard sale for 20 bucks and I just have not stopped yet.

I purchased the '58 Quiet Coil HSS Strat Prewired Pickguard a couple of weeks ago and I have not looked back since that day. Man oh man, why didn't I try Mojotone sooner. Dropping the pickguard into my 89 MIK Squier Strat was super simple (I did have to Dremel a bit around the bridge, but that was no problem) but other than that I was up and running within minutes.

2/17/2021 1:47 pm

install is super quick and easy, and the sound is great

by Nolan Williford

I recently installed this set in my strat. The install is super quick and easy, and the sound is great. The components are very high quality and the blender knob gives you a lot of tonal options. Plus, no hum!