Mojotone Anthem 12" 50W Guitar Speaker 8 ohm

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A huge part of being a musician is being intentional about your work. This concept can apply to sound, songwriting, aesthetic, and even gear selection; which goes hand-in-hand with the philosophy behind our Anthem Series Speakers. Each speaker in our Anthem Series was purpose-built to optimize their overall power and functionality without compromising their finely-tuned classic American-voiced tone. After hundreds of hours of research, parts selection, and testing, we’re confident we have outfitted each of these speaker baskets with their perfect paper, voice coil, and magnet counterparts. Straight-seamed ribbed cones, were chosen for their superior performance and unmatched tone, and top-shelf voice coils and magnets have been carefully paired to each of their respective speaker cone sizes.
  • Size 12" Speaker
  • Voice Coil 1.5" Voice Coil
  • Magnet 30 oz Ceramic Magnet
  • Power Handling 50 watts
  • Efficiency 99 dB
  • Voice Coil Type Nomex voice coil
  • Weight 5.73lbs

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11/13/2023 7:53 pm

I don't know how they did this! Blackface & Tweed

by Eric -

I was looking for an upgrade to my Quilter Aviator Cub. It's a solid state amp, but one of the best I've ever heard, and this one has separate inputs/channels named "Tweed", "Blonde", and "Black", which all have a very distinct character which is why this amp is a keeper for me. But the stock speaker holds it back.

With the Anthem, somehow Mojotone has created an affordable speaker that can reproduce both the sweet, juicy, scooped Blackface Fender cleans AND the raw, roaring, mid-focused Tweed thing. This isn't even a tube amp. I don't know how they created a speaker that sounds so good even when feeding it such different sounds. In the Quilter Aviator Cub it sounds better than the Celestion Gold! Bravo Mojotone!

7/8/2023 10:37 am

All Rise for the Anthem!!

by JLa -

Just put the 12” inch in my open back Dr Z Ghia combo.

Sounded great out of the box and even better after overnight break-in on a looper.

I’ve tried numerous speakers with the Ghia—Celestion Blue/ Gold ( favorite),Lead 80, Eminence Canis Major, WGS Green Beret and Reaper. The Anthem is neck and neck with the Blue/ Gold for favorite in this amp and now I’m spoiled for choice to bring out the Vox and Tweed aspects of this amp.

I also ran my 1W Rock Block and Orange Micro Terror through the cab and also great results with these British style amps, getting a Tweed vibe.

The lows are deep, pronounced and extended, midrange mildly scooped and the highs present and smooth with plenty of chime. A massive sounding speaker in a 1x12 configuration.

Get one to Johan Segeborn, STAT!! Would love to hear one in a shootout with vintage Jensens.

Anticipating this becoming a classic and great addition to the Mojotone speaker lineup.