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Mojotone BV-25M-SP 25W 12" British Vintage Speaker 8 OHM with AGED speaker cone

SKU: 9911200-SP
Weight: 7.75 lb
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The Mojotone BV-25M-SP product features all the same high quality build components as the standard BV-25M with one unique twist, an aged british speaker cone. The aging process resulted in a speaker with "sweet broken in tone." The speaker produces tight low end and highs that are rolled off slightly earlier than the stock BV25M. Guitarists seeking smooth blues and rock tones will love the SP version of our BV25M. Available for a limited time.

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8/17/2022 4:37 pm

Perfect Speaker for British style amps

by Dave Edwards -

Perfect speaker for British style amps. Great break up without being muddy. Incredible harmonics!🤘🏻

3/22/2022 11:53 am

Excellent choice for an upgrade

by Bill T. -

Three years ago I bought a Blackstar 5 watt tube amp and matching 1 x 12 cabinet. About a year later I replaced the Blackstar branded speaker with a Celestion EVH. While there was nothing really wrong with the EVH, it didn't really seem to change the character of the amp all that much. My primary guitar is a Les Paul Deluxe with the mini-humbuckers, which are pretty bright. This speaker rolls off some of the highs (but does not "muffle" the sound at all) and has a lot more low end than the EVH. I ordered a second speaker and the British Lite cabinet to use with a Marshall DSL 20 instead of the vertical 2 x 12 cabinet it came with. I have no way to compare these speakers with an old Celestion, but they are probably the best speaker upgrades I have made. Thanks for Fred for processing my orders !