Lee Dickson Black-E Strat® Pickup

$87.95 to $250.95
Weight: 0.2 lb
$87.95 to $250.95

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Lee Dickson was Eric Clapton's main guitar technician for over 30 years and worked with Eric to get the perfect sound and performance out of every guitar. No one knew the ins and outs of "Blackie" or "Brownie" better than Lee Dickson himself. They are his interpretation of an iconic sound and are based after the original 1974 strat pickups that were in Eric's Blackie guitar. Clarity and shimmer are the highlights of this set. Sonic definition and an emphasis on highs, with a broader resonant peak that keeps them form being harsh or shrill sounding. A strat pickup for the player who wants to cut through the mix with vivid tone.

We’ve all heard and seen the legendary sonic staple that is Blackie on various albums and performances, and have been left mesmerized by the qualities that have made it an icon. Well here’s your chance to own your own set of pickups just like Clapton had in his "Blackie" strat.

RWRP middle pickup for hum-cancelling on positions 2 and 4 with 5-way switches. We also lightly wax potted them in a consistent way to nail that hollow, "on the edge of being microphonic" tone when you drive them hard just like the originals.

Neck: 5.6K
Middle (RWRP): 5.8K
Bridge: 5.8K
Magnet: Alnico 5

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8/2/2021 10:16 am

Think Jimi Hendrix

by Gene Swinehart -

These are THE ultimate pickups for Hendrix tones. Full and rich with tons of bite and clarity that just sing with fuzz pedals or anything I throw at them. Replaced my Fender custom shop 69's for these. Huge upgrade!