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Rene Martinez Texas Strat® Pickup Prewired Pickguard

Weight: 1.6 lb

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Mojotone prewired solderless pickguards are completely prewired to perfection with no soldering required. Just drop in and play. Our exclusive 7% tolerance CTS pots, Switchcraft jack, Mojotone Vitamin T capacitor, and CRL 5-way switch compliment the highest quality strat pickups ever made. 

Rene Martinez was originally Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar tech. He also worked with Eddie Brickell, Mick Jones of Foreigner, Clint Black, Prince, The Moody Blues, Jimmie Vaughan, Carlos Santana, and currently John Mayer.

Mojotone is excited to work with such a renowned luthier to develop the new Rene Martinez "Texas" Strat® Pickups. These were developed to emulate that specific and unique "Texas Tone" which was inspired by the one and only SRV.

The magnets are customized Alnico III in the neck and middle and Alnico V in the bridge to give a full and balanced tone. You get that clean, ultra clear neck and middle tone that lets your amp shape your tone, while the bridge pickup is hotter with more girth and punch, and a sonic clarity that cuts through with attitude. The coils are calibrated from neck to bridge for an even volume throughout the switching.

Be the first in your town to own a set designed by such a renowned luthier. These come stock with staggered magnets with a raised D specifically for unwound 3rd string sets. Vacuum potted coils.

Neck: 5.9K
Middle (RWRP): 6.2k
Magnet: Alnico 3
Bridge: 7.5K
Magnet: Alnico 5

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10/29/2023 5:55 pm

Amazing! These are the best sounding Strat pickups I've ever played!

by Nate -

I just swapped out my ceramic MiM pickups for this, and I'm completely blown away. I love the way that guitar plays, but hated the pickups. But these, these are maybe the best sounding pickups I've ever played. And that compares to some amazing top shelf custom shop strat replicas I've played. These are just so dynamic and articulate, hitting the glassy highs without being to sharp and banging out the lows crisply and clearly. Thanks to Mojotone, as these pickups are just incredible. And the install was extremely easy.

8/22/2023 10:26 am

Very versatile sound and a great product

by Ash Crow -

These RM setups are stellar and sound amazing. Great construction and don’t let me forget to tell you about the customer support from Mojotone! I love having a working relationship with them