Tweed Twin® 5E8-A Low Power Style Combo Amp Kit

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Please read our article 'Mojotone Amp Kit Building Primer' along with our amp kit disclaimer located in the Specs tab before buying this kit.

Mojotone’s Tweed Twin Low Power Style Amp Kit is a complete tonal powerhouse.  Sporting 45 Watts of power, the amp has all the sweet, vocal qualities and rich dynamic response as the original.  Known for being a plug-and-play amp, the 5E8-A circuit has been used most notably by Eric Clapton and has been said to ‘cut’ more than its higher powered counterpart (Tweed Twin High Power).


Versatile in both tone and volume, the 5E8-A gets its power from two 6L6GC power tubes and our MOJO752 power transformer.  A mixture of high quality capacitors, preamp tubes, potentiometers and other components makes for a beautiful dialog between player and amplifier, and assures the longevity of the equipment.  We chose to pair this amp with two Jensen C12Q 35 Watt speakers to finish off the sound with a nice midrange bite and bright highs.


Global controls include presence, bass, and treble for a wide variety of tonal options. There are two channels, bright and normal, and each has two inputs. The normal channel is more tame with a slightly warmer overall sound, while the bright channel has a more aggressive sound and breaks up slightly faster. These inputs can not only be used in a traditional fashion but can also be ‘jumpered’ together and blended, via their dedicated volume controls, for even more sound options.

  • Class Type:AB All Tube Amplifier
  • Output:~45 Watts
  • Circuit:5E8-A
  • Bias Type:Fixed Biased
  • Build Time:~6 hours
  • Preamp Tubes:JJ ECC83/12AX7 (1), JJ 12AY7 (3)
  • Output Tube(s):JJ 6L6GC (2)
  • Rectifier Tube:JJ 5U4 (2)
  • Transformers:Power - LP Twin Power (MOJO752EX), Output - LP Twin (MOJO767), Choke (MOJO777)
  • Speakers:Jensen C12Q 12" 8 ohm Speakers (2)
  • Cabinet:Tweed LP Twin 2x12 Combo Cabinet
  • Hardware:Tweed LP Twin Small Parts Kit, Tweed LP Twin Chassis, 10' Install Power Cord

Disclaimer: Some of the parts contained in this kit are subject to availability.

Mojotone reserves the right to change or substitute any and all of the parts contained in this amplifier kit without advertisement or notification to the buyer. Part substitutions made by Mojotone are guaranteed not to affect the integrity or operation of your amplifier kit. Time estimates listed are from start to finish. If you are new to tube amplifiers, additional time may need to be factored.

When purchasing a kit from Mojotone, you will receive the following documentation.

1. Schematic

2. Wiring Diagram / Layout

Our beginner level kits such as the tweed champ and tweed deluxe include a manual. If you purchase a kit from Mojotone and do not receive these documents, you can obtain copies by emailing or calling 800-927-6656. The Mojotone staff is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST unless otherwise closed.

Mojotone kits include the best quality parts that are available at the time of purchase. If a substitution is required, our team will use parts that are of equal quality to ensure the integrity of the kit build remains the same.

Building a fully functional amplifier kit is not an easy task. Before building a kit, one should have the ability to properly solder as well as read and understand a schematic and wiring diagram. While we do our very best to ensure all documentation is current, the included documentation is meant to serve as an overall guide to building the amplifier. Simply following the schematic and wiring diagram does not guarantee you will have a fully functional amplifier. In fact, post build troubleshooting is a common issue across all builds.

Our staff is available to assist with basic troubleshooting needs. There are plenty of online videos available that are helpful with most post build issues. Technical staff is available via email by sending a message to You may also call our sales team to discuss build problems, dial 800-927-6656 and press 1 for sales.

Building a tube amplifier takes time, dedication, resources and most importantly... Skills! The experience of building an amp can come with some frustration, the reward of completing the build is definitely well worth your time. Please review the wiring diagram, schematic and manual (if applicable) prior to making your purchase. Mojotone will not accept any returns on amplifier kits and/or parts that have been assembled, soldered or modified.

This amp kit also comes with the following documents. Please feel free to view and/or download them:

Mojotone Tweed Twin Low Power Schematic
Mojotone Tweed Twin Low Power Wiring Diagram

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2/17/2021 1:42 pm

10 Stars

by anonymous

Okay, my first amp build was done using the 5E8A Tweed Twin Low Power Mojotone kit.I opted for this kit simply because I wanted the cleanest, most efficient ALL TUBE hand wired amp as a platform for rebuilding my sound. The kicker with the Low Power Tweed Twin was 45 watts and dual rectifier tubes. I decided to stay away from solid state rectifiers even though the Twin Reverb is my favorite amp, All I can say is WOW!!! The clarity of this circuit is absolutely amazing. Almost everyone who hears the amp says the sound "rings like a fine bell". Ultra clear articulation from picking dynamics as well as an extremely balanced frequency spectrum. I loaded the mojotone solid pine cab with Celestion Neo Creambacks to keep weight down. What was shocking at first was how "out front" this amp sits in a live mix when performing. I compare this amp to a 60's muscle car because of it's simplicity, efficiency and almost overwhelming power, even at 45 watts. There is no way I could ever,ever go back to a store bought amp. Completely blown away and this amp more than exceeded expectations. I'm on here now ordering another kit to build for a friend who was amazed at how this thing sounded. Excellent work, Mojotone! I will comment on the other review for this kit. I did notice the same issues with the CTS pots. Volume comes in around 3, the bass potentiometer peaks around 8. then rolls off into some muddy territory. No problems at all with the presence and treble knobs. All in all, these small issues are so minor when rating this amp as a whole. Maybe down the road I'll swap out for some linear taper CTS pots. Again, it's such a small detail that probably leaving be is fine. As a guitar builder, I've realized some small quirks aren't worth obsessing over as I was about to do with these audio taper pots. My sound is dead on perfect, and wouldn't without this amp. 10 stars.

2/17/2021 1:42 pm

great kits - great service

by anonymous

Mojo's kits and cabs are too shelf and service is great. Built dozens of their kits. Love them all.

I've played boutique and Fender LP Twins and was always "meh" about them but building my own gave me time to tweak components and make it my own.


If you plan on building any of Mojo's kits I'm going to save you hours of heartache right now and say, use the Alpha LINEAR taper pots on all but the bass control. If you build any of these amps with the Audio taper you will get no volume until way up on the dial. Ditto with treble and so on. You will be convinced your messed something. Though the Fender layouts don't show it, that's what they used and for good reason.

Now - the 5E8-A is similar to the 5E5a 5F4 and 5E7 and 5E6 BUT really I believe this to be the flagship of that design and really makes use of the circuit. Punch and low end and spanks high end with scooped mids.

These amps originally used 19 watt rated 6L6G tube which is the predecessor to the 30 watt 6L6GC - which produces a hellish amount of volume in this amp.

I opted for P12Q's and Mojo Dijon caps (clear and detailed with no graininess) and all Sprague electrolytics, just cause. And 5751 pre amp tubes.

Thing is you can tweak this amp with different tubes and speakers - it can be a laid back vintage low volume (relatively) low gain affair with vintage type speakers and tubes, or you can rock a stadium with some efficient modern speakers and 6L6GC and a lone GZ34 and 12ax7's.

The sound is linear and scooped out - and it sounds a lot more refined than say a 5E5. And ultimately just more of everything that those amps have.

Truly - take my word. Not all pot tapers are the same and even manufacturers from year to year will change their taper - recently Mojo's CTS tapers have become even slower and it's caused me a lot of anguish in figuring out the problem of seemingly low power (like why do I have it on 8 just to get stage volume?).

Great kits - great service. All parts supplied are of high quality.