Mojotone Twin Canyon 2X12 Speaker Extension Cabinet

Weight: 36 lb
Sale Unit: Piece

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The Mojotone Twin Canyon is the 2x12 little brother of our 4x12 Grand Canyon cabinet. It's the kind of wild unsupervised little brother that you might be kind of afraid of even though he's half your size. In any case, if you want the bull's strength provided by the Grand Canyon while maintaining the lithe efficiency of a prowling panther, then the Mojotone Twin Canyon 2x12 may be the answer you seek.

All of the wizardry that was woven upon the Grand Canyon was woven doubly so upon the Twin Canyon. Though the Twin Canyon may be smaller the Grand Canyon (22" H X 29 3/4" W X 12" D) its wide base gives it a certain dignified power, like a Dwarven King in his mountain hall. It also sports the same strong Baltic Birch 100% void free plywood, 1/4" finger joint construction, and frequency relief port of its big brother. The frequency relief port, hidden at the bottom of the speaker baffle behind the grill cloth, will prevent overbearing bass frequencies from dulling the knife's edge of your finely sharpened tone. No sound post is needed as the port also aptly disposes of any unwanted buzzing, making for an even lighter powerhouse 2x12 cabinet. There's no shame in saving all your energy for the stage!

Don't let its smaller size fool you. The Twin Canyon packs the punch of a battle axe while cutting down on your workload. Nobody ever said rocking couldn't be efficient. Get the Mojotone Twin Canyon now!

Handmade in the USA
  • Dimensions:(H) 22" x (W) 29-3/4" x (D) 12"
  • Covering:British Style Black Levant
  • Grill Cloth:British Black Cloth
  • Piping:Medium White
  • Hardware:Metal Recessed Cabinet Handles, Large Rubber Feet, Black Metal Jack Ferrule
  • Back Panel:1 Piece Closed Back Panel
  • Speaker Cut Out:2x12
  • Wiring Harness:Included

Mojotone logo, installed in lower right hand corner of cabinet.

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6/13/2022 7:57 pm

One of the Best Values in Gear Today

by J. -

Finding a good cab is tough, at least for me anyway.

1x12's have never had the push and bass response that I look for. 4x12's are way too much for what I do. Most 2x12's can either be very heavy, not come with the speakers you are looking for, or simply too expensive when you are picky with quality. For those that have never ventured into the world of boutique cabs, you will be shocked at how much of your tone is determined by the cabinet. Building a good cab is like building a custom shop guitar, etc - it requires a lot of skill and a good one is worth the money.

I spent well over a decade trying out all of the brands - cheap and expensive. Boutique and well-known - My search is now over. This cab is not only the best built that I have found, it is by far the biggest sounding. It is somewhere in-between a 4x12 and 2x12 in terms of how big it makes your tone. For what it is, it is very light and easy to maneuver. It will hold whichever speaker you throw at it with confidence.

11/1/2021 9:11 am

Oh My God:The Best

by Sean -

I have owned a Mesa 2x12 Rectifier Cab, Seismic and played on a 2x12 EVH Cab. I always had a problem trying to dial in a good sound with these cabs because of clarity issues. I thought I would take a chance on the Mojo Cabinet. The sound you get from this cabinet is so clear and tight that it is just as good as having a half-stack. The construction and the wood makes a huge difference in the sound. None of the name brand cabinets sound as good as this. I play jazz, and blues music but mainly heavy metal currently in my band and this cabinet crushes everything else out there by far. Lastly I want to mention is that it is very light.