Fender Tweed Deluxe Style 1x12 Combo Guitar Amp Cabinet

Weight: 11 lb
Sale Unit: Piece

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A faithful reproduction made to the exact specifications of the original 1959 5E3 Fender Narrow Panel Tweed Deluxe® Style Guitar Cabinet. This cabinet is made out of solid yellow pine joined with 1/4" finger joints. The speaker baffle board and back panels are made with Baltic birch ply.  Our 5E3 comes standard with the chassis mounting holes predrilled for your convenience.

All reproduction cabinets come pre-drilled for Mojotone Chassis

Handmade in the USA
  • Dimensions:(H) 16" x (W) 20" x (D) 9-1/2"
  • Mounting Holes:Chassis holes are drilled for Mojotone chassis
  • Chassis Cut Out:12-1/8"
  • Covering:Fender Style Tweed Olive Stripe Coated
  • Grill Cloth:Fender Style Oxblood w/ Gold Stripe
  • Hardware:Raised Brown Leather Handle, Chrome Glides
  • Speaker Cut Out:1x12
  • Wiring Harness:Not Included

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3/5/2024 3:25 pm

Very nice cabinet!

by R. Mortenson

Great quality cab and the amp sounds great going through it. I added some finishing washers (size 6 or 8, I can't remember) to the back panels for a nicer finish. Later on I'll probably try my hand at lacquering it but it is truly a great amp cabinet.

9/29/2022 9:05 pm

"Nailed" It

by Justin -

Just kidding - they glued it. But, it's very solidly constructed. At one point in my life I was going to make one of these cabinets myself, but Mojotone did far better than I could dream of. It looks great, sounds great, and is solid.

The only "weirdness" is that the leather handle is slightly wider than the holders and little bits of it are being shaved off. I suspect that problem that will take care of itself in time.

Now if I only had a customized nameplate to go on the front :-)