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Pre-Wired Premium Historic SG Wiring Harness

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Independent volumes in middle position.

Have you ever noticed how your volume controls are not independent from each other in the middle position? Or how about where your treble drops off immediately when you roll the volume down? These could be considered flaws especially for those who like to use their volume and tone controls. Vintage 50's wiring reduces the treble loss when rolling your volume down and increases the overall presence of your sound, but you still don't have independent volume controls in the middle position. 

Our unique independent 50's wiring utilizes the benefits of vintage style wiring with a no compromise solution for independent volume controls in the middle position. Each position on your 3-way toggle will benefit from the 50's wiring with more overall presence and less treble loss when rolling the volume back, while allowing you to have smooth independent volume controls for each pickup in the middle position. That along with our easy to turn custom vintage taper CTS pots, authentic reproduction Luxe Sprague Black Beauty paper and oil capacitors, and Switchcraft toggle switch and jack, makes this the most worthy upgrade for your SG! 

Wait there's one more thing! We also use a lower value .015uf capacitor on the neck tone control to brighten the neck pickup tone. The bridge pickup gets the standard value .022uf cap for a smooth and warmer tone. Some call this capacitor mod "Woman Tone" but we just find it's more useful overall for dialing in all of the small details that add up to better tone.
  • CTS 500k vintage taper short shaft potentiometers 
  • Switchcraft L-Type toggle switch 
  • Switchcraft mono input jack 
  • Luxe Black Beauty capacitors 
  • Vintage correct external braided wire
  • Detailed wiring diagram

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2/17/2021 1:48 pm


by Nick Anderson -

Installed this in my 2012 SG, got rid of the push pulls and I am not regretting it at allllll! I soldered my pickups In myself (first time ever doing so) it was simple and straight forward just watch some videos if you don't know how. BUT THE TONE! Man it opened my guitar up some much to humbucker tones I didn't even know were there! No treble loss , the tone knob actually has different variations and doesn't just roll off pass 7. Big thanks to the guys at mojotone for making my life easy definitely worth it my fellow SG lovers!