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Pre-Wired Tele 4-Way Mod Guitar Wiring Harness

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It's all about the tone! At one point or another, it is essential for any guitarist to upgrade or replace the electronics in their guitar.  Each component is just as important as the next, which is why Mojotone has created a pre-wired assembly with the highest quality components on the market.  Bring your guitar to life with our smooth custom taper CTS potentiometers and creamy sounding oil filled Vitamin T capacitors for a vast improvement over your stock electronics! * Please note, you may have to enlarge the slot on your control plate for the 4th position to fully engage.
The 4-way Fender Tele mod kit uses a custom 4-way switch to give you a fat series humbucker tone in the 4th position while retaining the standard Tele switching functions in the other 3 positions. Use 1/4'' diameter set screw knobs for the solid shaft pots.

  • Mojotone custom CTS 250k solid shaft potentiometers
  • Oak Grigsby 4-way switch
  • Switchcraft mono input jack
  • Mojotone Vitamin T Oil Filled .047uf capacitor
  • Pre-tinned cloth covered wire
  • Volume mod (Treble Bleed)

Switch Positions:
1. Bridge
2. Bridge & Neck in Parallel
3. Neck
4. Bridge & Neck in Series (Fat Humbucker Tone)

1. If your Tele neck pickup only has 2 wires and a cover, you will need to isolate and add a 3rd wire to the cover for the 4-way mod to work properly.
2. You may also need to lengthen the slot on your control plate for the switch to fully engage into the 1st and 4th position.
3. Guitars made overseas may require you to enlarge the holes for the larger US spec pots to fit. You will also need to change the metric knobs to inch sized 24-knurl push-on knobs and the switch tip.

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2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Top notch parts and assembly from Mojo

by Steve -

I installed this in my '18 American Professional Tele. Top notch parts and assembly from Mojo. Everything went smoothly, the neck pickup cover already has a separate ground from the factory, so no need to remove the pick guard or pickup. Was eager to see how this worked with the Shaw designed pickups, and am glad to say that I am very happy with the results. The Vitamin T capacitor darkened my tone just a wee bit, which was a goal to begin with, and really like the position 4 option. Great upgrade, Mojotone! With this mod I'm sticking with the factory pickups... for now. Also loved the hilarious info on the box!!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

The wiring kit is great

by Terry Bentley -

The wiring kit is great. You lose a little highs on your bridge pick-up but, you can add more highs and roll off some on your guitar. The 4 way switch adds a good pick-up change.