Solderless Les Paul Guitar Wiring Harness (Long Shaft)

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0 / 8-17-18 JMB

Upgrading to high quality electronics makes a difference, and solderless makes it easier! 

Do you like swapping pickups, or maybe you don't want to solder because you're afraid of messing things up? Our solderless assemblies provide the easiest solution and most reliable connections with a simple push and release of a button. All while offering a superior quality electronic upgrade for your guitar.

No bulky plugs or add-ons are needed for our solderless harness to work. Just strip back your existing wires from your pickups and guitar, insert them into our solderless connector, and you're done!
  • Push-in solderless wire connection for quick installation and easy pickup swaps!
  • Vintage quality USA branded components (Switchcraft, Mojotone, and CTS)!
  • Smooth custom taper, CTS industrial potentiometers with solid brass bushings.
  • Handcrafted and hermetically sealed Mojotone Vitamin T oil-filled tone caps!
  • Pre-wired industrial quality Switchcraft toggle switch included!
  • Hand-wired point-to-point by Mojotone in the USA!

  • (4) CTS 500k vintage taper long shaft potentiometers
  • (1) Switchcraft USA toggle switch (Switch tip sold separately)
  • (1) Switchcraft USA mono input jack
  • (2) Mojotone Vitamin T Oil Filled .022uf capacitor
  • (1) Detailed wiring diagram and instructions


Guitars made overseas may require you to enlarge the holes for the larger US spec pots to fit. You will also need to change the metric knobs to inch sized 24-knurl push-on knobs and the switch tip. See related items.

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11/28/2022 6:09 pm

Not all Switchcraft parts are created equal

by Gary Drechsel -

So far so good now, but I had trouble during installation because the toggle switch was junk. At first I thought the quick connect was faulty or somehow my pick up wire was no good. But I switched the wires around on the quick connect and figured out it was the toggle switch. The switch itself felt very loose. Luckily I had an older toggle and I was able to swap it out. While de-soldering one of the tabs snapped off. So it was basically cheap junk. For $130 I expected better.

4/5/2022 4:26 pm

Awesome product

by Ricardo -

Obsidian wire, never again. Mojo Solderless les paul guitar wiring harness is the way to go. Easy install, sounds awesome. Excellent product. customer forever.