Mojotone Dijon Coupling Capacitors

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January 18, 2021 3:53:46 PM PST January 18, 2021 3:53:46 PM PSTth, January 18, 2021 3:53:46 PM PST

Over the years, certain electronic components have become not only renown, but sought-after for their contribution to the sound of guitar amplifiers; the all-powerful Philips Mullard Mustard capacitors are no exception. “Mustard” caps, as they are commonly called, were well known for their use in Marshall circuits and for their mustard-yellow color. Many guitarists and builders swear by these caps and even still seek out true vintage mustard caps by salvaging them from old amps, scouring eBay, and utilizing whatever other sources they can identify.

Being familiar with the esteem of these caps, Mojotone wanted to develop a reproduction that would do the mustard caps justice. After consulting with a number of manufacturers, we finally found someone who told us they could accurately recreate the manufacturing methods of the original mustard caps, but unfortunately they could not 100% nail the aesthetic. The manufacturer was extremely thorough and detail-oriented and even informed us that the reason more people do not make capacitors like this anymore, is that part of the manufacturing process still requires the use of human hands -- which means someone has to personally touch and inspect each and every one of these caps before they make it out the door.

Once the manufacturer completed their first run of samples, we sent a few capacitors out to our most trusted OEMs to have them assessed by professionals. Every single review came back positive. Our customers told us how “musical” these capacitors were, and even remarked on how consistent and reliable their sound was. As soon as we received these rave reviews, we told our manufacturer to put the caps into full production, and so were born the Mojotone Dijon Capacitors; faithful recreations of the famous film and foil Philips Mullard Mustard Caps.

Our Dijon caps are film and foil type capacitors who undergo the same manufacturing and inspection process as the original mustard caps. Upon dissecting one of our Dijon caps, we found neatly wrapped alternating layers of plastic dielectric material and metal foil. These materials were the same thickness and wrapped around one another perfectly for a smooth and clean construction with the same quality of sound. We are not out to say that our Dijon caps are any better than mustard caps, or that they are any better than the other reproductions that can be found on the market; we are simply saying, that with such a high quality of build and an accessible price point, we believe they are at least worth trying. Many manufacturers now rely on our Dijon caps in their circuits and swear by them the same way they swear by the original mustard caps. We promise that once you try them, you’ll come back for more.