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Bill Kelliher Hellbender Humbucker Pickup

Mastodon covers a wide array of sounds and tones, I needed a pickup that can pull off the gauntlet of tones needed for the band while leaving room to inspire new sounds.Shop Now

Dustie Waring Tomahawk Gen 2 Humbucker Pickup

Alnico 5 magnets along with our special winding technique to give the 'DW Tomahawk' the power of a high output humbucker while breathing with the clarity and articulation of a vintage humbucker.Shop Now

Paul Waggoner Hornet Humbucker Pickup

The "PW Hornet" humbucker is specially designed to provide a wide variety of progressive tones from pristine cleans full of warmth to heavy leads and chunky chord voicings, without going mushy on the lows or harsh on the highs.Shop Now

Johnny Winter Firebird Pickup

Based on his original Firebird pickups, these utilize the same exact materials and specs using aged cast Alnico magnets, vintage spec 42 gauge wire, and a steel reflector plate. We carefully balanced the neck and bridge pickups for more even output and response between all positions. Shop Now

Rene Martinez Texas Strat® Pickup

The magnets are customized Alnico III in the neck and middle and Alnico V in the bridge to give a full and balanced tone. You get that clean, ultra clear neck and middle tone that lets your amp shape your tone, while the bridge pickup is hotter with more girth and punch, and a sonic clarity that cuts through with attitude. The coils are calibrated from neck to bridge for an even volume throughout the switching. Shop Now

Pre-wired Harnesses and Pickguards