Mojotone BV-60N 12" British NEO 60 Watt Speaker 8 ohm

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Weight: 4.9 lb
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NEO magnet speakers are becoming the “go-to” choice for many guitarists. And to be honest, not all Neo magnet speakers are created equally. After years of research and development, sampling different types of speaker cone paper, voice coil material, dust cap sizes and motors of varying strength, we are excited to bring our British voiced “NEO magnet equipped” speaker to the masses. The Mojotone BV-NEO is an ultra lightweight speaker packed with power and TONE. Traditionally, most British voiced speakers are constructed with a heavy ceramic magnet and can weigh anywhere between 8-12 lbs. Weighing in at a mere 4.9 lbs, and inspired by our world famous BV-25m guitar speaker, the Mojotone BV-NEO delivers all the British Tone that your ears crave while reducing a significant amount of weight! Carrying your favorite speaker cabinets to and from the gig will be much easier with the Mojotone BV-NEO.
  • Size 12" Speaker
  • Voice Coil 1.75" Voice Coil
  • Magnet NEO Magnet
  • Power Handling 60 watts
  • Efficiency 98 dB
  • Voice Coil Type Nomex voice coil
  • Weight 5.73lbs

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4/7/2024 6:31 pm

The search is over!!!

by Psykobilly

I have been down a speaker rabbit hole for quite a while. I have tried both American and British voiced speakers along with one that was supposed to be a mix of both and none had quite fit the bill. All were great speakers, but all were missing something. Then I tried this one. I cannot express enough how much I like this speaker! Clean it is warm and articulate with very rich harmonic content. It cuts without being overly bright or brittle. Throw the dirt at it and it is just perfect. Again, warmth and articulation and the mids are exactly what/where they need to be. Not honky or nasally like some British voiced speakers. I play a Tele primarily, but have thrown a Strat at it too and just love what it does with single coils. I had honestly been skeptical of buying a Neo speaker but after playing through this one I am sold. Perfect tone and light weight= win win.

7/30/2023 1:41 pm

My NEW favorite speaker - Mojotone British Neo!

by five watt world - Keith Williams -

Until recently, my favorite speaker was the Celestion Neo Creamback. It combined the classic British sound along with the light weight of a Neo magnet.
As I said, until now. I recently had the chance to try the Monotone British Neo and ...I'm completely sold. It does everything the Creamback did AND it is slightly more efficient so I get more volume coming from the small amps I like to use. Currently this is in a Fender Princeton ToneMaster in a wet/dry rig but I have a Fender Stapleton Princeton coming and this will be the first thing I try to lower the weight and make that amp more compatible with the rest of my rig.
I've been working with Monotone on re-cabbing my amps for a long time and the fact that they are now building these excellent speaker is a huge bonus for me.