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25 years of research and industry experience have culminated in the creation of our 'Quiet Coil Acoustic' Soundhole Pickups. Acoustic pluckers of all styles and backgrounds finally have the perfect way to faithfully recreate the natural sound of their guitar, and ultimately FIND THEIR SOUND.


Voicing & Tone

Voiced and EQ’d like a microphone to emphasize your guitar’s pure and natural acoustic tone; No more unnatural highs or mids like with other magnetic soundhole pickups, and no need for extra gear to compensate for an underwhelming pickup tone!

Balance & Perfection

Specifically designed to have perfect string balance and volume with normal bronze or phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings. No more annoying loud high E and B strings with muddy low strings!

Noise & Feedback Resistant

Noiseless preamp design makes for the quietest performance possible in the studio or live. And best of all, it’s feedback resistant!

Quietcoil NC-1

Active Soundhole Pickup

  • Voiced after a condenser mic for a natural acoustic tone.
  • Noise free & feedback resistant.
  • Volume control wheel.
  • Wired with Mogami® cable and Switchcraft® stereo jack.
Our very own frontiersman, the Quiet Coil NC-1, started it all. Engineers at Mojotone dedicated thousands of hours to developing this unique soundhole pickup that has helped players all over the world find their sound and make their mark. Shop Now

Quietcoil NC-2

Active Mic-Blend Soundhole Pickup

  • Active pre-amp with a blendable on-board mic for a full spectrum acoustic sound.
  • Noise free & feedback resistant.
  • Wired with Mogami® cable and Switchcraft® stereo jack.
Big brother to the NC-1, our Quiet Coil NC-2 comes with all the pristine tones, reliability, and ease-of-use as the NC-1 but this time we've added a microphone blend. The combination of our original active magnetic circuitry and this one-of-a-kind microphone will bring any and every stage to life with the strum of a chord. Shop Now

Quietcoil NC-Passive

Passive Soundhole Pickup

  • Passive humbucker reproduces your natural acoustic tone without a preamp.
  • Noise free & feedback resistant.
  • Wired with Mogami® cable and Switchcraft® stereo jack.
Designed with the purist in mind, our Quiet Coil NC-Passive is the quickest and most effective way to capture the true sound of your acoustic guitar. Don't let its simplicity fool you; years of hard work and attention to detail were poured into this world-class soundhole pickup. Plug, play, and make 'em weep. Shop Now