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Broadcaster Quiet Coil Tele® Pickup

16 Reviews
$98.95 to $196.95
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$98.95 to $196.95

Due to increased demand this product is currently being built to order. Our current production time is 14-16 weeks from the order date.

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Our approach was very simple, to make a tele pickup with the exact same parts and materials as a vintage tele pickup, without the hum. Broadcaster “Quiet Coil™” tele pickups are passive and only use the same parts and materials found in original vintage 1950-51 Broadcaster tele pickups. Vintage spec 43 gauge coil wire, lower Gauss Alnico magnets, black fiberboard bobbins, and vintage cloth covered leads.

No PC boards, batteries, stacked coils, or anything else associated with other hum-canceling pickups were used in our design. The result is simply the most pure and authentic tele tone possible, with absolutely no loss of true single coil tone. They are warm and articulate, with that extra output and midrange push in the bridge position, just like the original handwound Broadcaster tele pickups.

NOTE: With all Mojotone “Quiet Coil™” pickups, you never have to worry about string spacing and radius issues, or the magnets pulling the strings out of tune, and you can bend the strings heavily without ever losing focus or sustain. All of this while achieving perfect single coil tone and absolutely no hum!

Quiet Coil Design Features:
  • Consistent scatterwound coils for that handwound tone, sensitivity, and clarity.
  • Vintage formulated Alnico magnet cores with lower Gauss levels like an aged vintage tele pickup.
  • Vintage cloth covered leads for easy push-back soldering.
  • Matched resonant peak frequency, inductance, and resistance of a vintage single coil.
  • No routing modifications are required to fit shallow vintage routs like the taller stacked hum-cancelling designs.
  • Less than 10 parts are used to build the Quiet Coils. Like a vintage tele pickup, they are SIMPLE!
Neck: 6.7K
Magnet: Alnico 5
Bridge: 10.8K
Magnet: Alnico 5

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9/20/2021 5:08 pm

Punchy and musical!!

by Will H. -

I can’t say enough good things about these pickups. I did the complete Mojotone upgrade to my tele with their broadcaster quiet coils, and their prewired harness…WOW! The pots and switch are of the highest quality. The pick ups are so quiet but so musical. My tele is my number 1 and these are the engine behind it. I am also a big user of the neck pick up and not just the bridge. This pickup set really can do it all. I can get round Jazz/blues from the neck and turn it up and dig in and get great funky spank. The bridge takes me from surf tones, to using a compressor to get some old country twang, to a full boar rock/punk machine. The only thing I can advise about these pickups is, DON’T BE SCARED TO PLAY WITH THE PICKUP HIGHT AND PUT THEM CLOSE TO YOUR STRINGS. When these pickups get to the right height they come alive! It is an outstanding pickup set, and I cannot recommend them enough!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Rudy Wijaya

by Rudy Wijaya

what a great broadcaster pickup! i bought a bridge for my tele and the tone is just sublime, its on par with the other boutique broadcaster pickup in term of tone. Don't let naysayer fool you, this is not a humbucker its a single coil that has a very low 60 cycle hum noise. on clean, you can barely hear any hum, you start noticing it when you running this through a high gain signal chain, you will hear a slight noise. but its VERY faint.

I would highly recommend this if you are searching for a great sounding very low noise single coils.

2/17/2021 1:48 pm


by Scott

Bought a new guitar with a Suhr Classic T set installed. I'm a huge fan of any Suhr, but the pickups were too bright for this particular Strandberg guitar.

I have a huge guitar collection and have tried pickups from many of the top guys. I just tried a set of Mojo's PAFs and were very impressed, and immediately thought to give Mojotone another go with the Strand Salën Tele.

These pickups are great. Turned a shrill guitar into a keeper.

No humm, but sounds and feels like regular pups.

My new Go-To in pickups!

Thanks MojoTone!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm


by Gary

Mojotone has hit a home run with these pickups. No noise, simple construction, great dynamics. It's an easy decision in my books.

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Jordan F.

by Jordan F.

I love these pickups! Totally noiseless but they look, sound, and respond just like single coil tele pickups. Some noiseless single coils sound dull and lifeless, but these are full and responsive with all the high end brilliance you would expect from a tele. Love them, would buy again would recommend.

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

David Demus

by David Demus

Installed these on a Fender Original 50's Telecaster and brought the guitar to life. Big huge tone out of the bridge and nice full sound out of the neck pickup. I have played real Broadcaster pickups in the past and these nail the sound without the 60 cycle hum! Also installed the Tele Solderless Standard Wiring harness which added to the tone of the guitar. Hats off to Mojo Tone for another great product!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm


by Maik

My Mojotone Quietcoil 58s hot bridge prewired pickguard which I ordered three years ago was a real game changer as it was the first time that noiseless pickups really sounded and felt like real singlecoils.

Now I have installed the Mojotone quietcoil broadcaster pickup and the solderless Mojotone telecaster 3 way wiring kit in bridge position in my Fender Roadworn Player Telecaster and it is such great pickup without the hum. I kept the stock Seymour Duncan 59 humbucker at the neck position and now it is such a versatile guitar with no hum in any position. Harmonics, tone and dynamics... Everything is there and sounds so well balanced without earpiercing highs.

This pickup fits in every style I play (Bluesrock, R n B, Indierock, Pop, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop).

Thank you Mojotone for doing noiseless pickups right!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Matt Barr

by Matt Barr

I can't say enough about these pickups and at the same time, I'm blown away speechless.

Bright but full, takes every level of gain a Mesa Mk.V dishes out with ease, NEVER stops sounding like a Tele and quiet as a mouse.

Buzzcocks? No problem. Albert Lee? Better believe it. Led Zeppelin I & II? All day. Keef? Try to NOT play Tumblin' Dice. Cropper? Green Onions to Burnin' Love.

Seriously, Quiet Coils have changed the game in noiseless for Telecasters and Strats.

Well done!!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Chris Cunningham

by Chris Cunningham

When I received my set of broadcaster pickups, I couldn't get my bridge pickup to work. Tested it with a multimeter and found no resistance aka a bad solder or break in the coil. I emailed Mojotone's customer service and the next day they got back to me with a paid shipping label, a thorough apology, and promised free expedited return shipping. The new pickup came quick and sounds great! Accidents happen, could've even been a shipping issue, all in all happy with my purchase and would recommend these pickups to anyone.

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Tom Newton

by Tom Newton

The Quiet Coil Broadcaster pickups are everything I was hoping for in a set of quiet Tele pickups. They are dead silent but sound like normal Tele pickups. Well... they actually sound better, because there is no hum it helps to hear nuances you never heard previously. Thank you David!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm


by Andrew

Put the broadcaster set into a G&L ASAT to give it Alnico style mojo. Used 500 pots as recommended and love the results. I’m keeping my other ASAT with the stock ceramic pickups, because they’re great too- but too powerful a lot of the time. It will be great to have both vintage and modern sounding Teles to choose from. Huge thanks to Ozzie and David at Mojotone for helping me with a wiring issue. You guys are top in customer service!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Dave Fish

by Dave Fish

I put a set of these in a CP Thornton Classic II replacing a set of Dimarzio noiseless that I had put in replacing some lollars. I A/B'd them with a set of Harmonic Design's installed in a similar CP Thornton. There isn't much difference, perhaps 1-2% less almost imperceptible "chime" at the most. They're far superior to the Dimarzio's, especially in the middle pickup position. Nice job! Next I'll be looking at the mojo strat pickups I think.

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Jon Phillips

by Jon Phillips

Just installed a set of Broadcaster Quiet Coils in a Telecaster/partscaster build and I just cannot put the damn guitar down now. Installation was a breeze and they really are noiseless. I'll be ordering a set of 52s now for another telecaster I have. I'm sold!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm


by Jeff

I finally got these pickups installed with a new 4 way switch kit and they sound incredible.

I highly recommend replacing stock or other tele noiseless pickups if you want to retain that single coil chime while eliminating the 60 cycle hum.

Mojotone support was awesome as well. They assisted me right away when I thought I may have had a configuration issue.

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Lisa Liu

by Lisa Liu

I Installed the Broadcaster "Quiet Coil" in the bridge position in my '72 Custom Reissue Telecaster (MIM). I really dislike 60 cycle hum, but after installing the "Quiet Coil," my tele is now dead quiet! It's just pure tone. It makes a great pair with the "72 Clone" wide-range humbucker. This pickup is really balanced, and can sounds great at quiet or loud volumes. Thanks Mojotone for making awesome pickups!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Nolan Williford

by Nolan Williford

I put these in a CV tele. They have a great classic tone that can get you classic country, blues, or rock. The install is easy and the customer service is great. Really want to thank David for his help.