Lerxst By-Tor Pedal

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Following the success of the Lerxst OMEGA amplifier, a question emerged: "can we replicate the unmistakable sound and powerful presence of the 50W OMEGA in a compact pedal format?" The challenge was not merely to create another run-of-the-mill drive pedal; it was to engineer a pedal that could deliver the same growling intensity and seamless transition to clean tones as if you were cranking up the amp itself. After numerous iterations, circuit designs, and meticulous fine-tuning, we proudly present the By-Tor. We trust that you will derive as much pleasure from the pedal's exceptional sound and responsive feel as we do.

Drive Section:

Voiced after the 50W OMEGA amplifier, and capable of going from light crunchy drive sounds to full out roar with sustaining lead tones!


  • Gain - Adjust the drive control to achieve the desired amount of distortion.
  • Tone - Adjusts the amount of top-end sparkle and treble. If you are using the pedal with a bright amplifier, start with this control set very low and adjust to taste. If you are using the pedal with a darker amp, start with the control set higher.
  • Level - Adjusts the overall output of the pedal. The pedal has plenty of output to drive the front end of an amplifier or other pedals into distortion.

Boost Section:

To achieve the touch and feel of a tube amplifier, the boost section of the By-Tor is a MOSFET based gain stage. MOSFETs respond in a very similar way to a tube’s gain stage. The boost is designed to add a little extra shimmer and chime on the top end of your guitar tone. The boost section can also be used independently of the drive section as a lead boost or as an always on gain stage. You can also pair this with another boost or overdrive pedal for extra gain staging and crunch options.


  • Level - Adjusts the overall output level of the boost circuit

Order Switch:

This toggle switch provides the ability to change the order of the boost and drive circuits in the pedal. With the toggle set to Boost First, your signal is first routed through the boost circuit which pushes the drive section into further saturation. With the toggle set to Drive First, your signal is routed through the drive section first, this transforms the boost control into a solo boost with up to 6 db of gain on tap. For added versatility, each section of the pedal can be independently activated


Requires 9V DC negative center power and consumes about 70mA. Do not use more than 9V DC! You will damage the internal circuitry and void your warranty.

Input / Output:

The By-Tor comes with top mounted jacks for fitting on tighter pedal boards. Input - 1/4” jack on the top right of the pedal. Output - 1/4” jack on the top left of the pedal.

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