Quiet Coil NC-2 Mic/Blend Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup

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Enhances the natural sound of your acoustic guitar with its groundbreaking mic/blend pre-amp technology

The Mojotone Quiet Coil NC-2 is equipped with new, groundbreaking mic technology that puts this acoustic soundhole pickup into a league of its own when it comes to pure and natural acoustic guitar sound. Our mission was to combine our incredibly natural sounding “mic-voiced” and noise-canceling NC-1 magnetic pickup with the added sound enhancement of what a studio mic aimed right at the soundhole of your acoustic guitar would sound like; all within the pickup itself.

This high performance mic technology allows you to perfectly recreate the pure and full range sound of your acoustic guitar(strings and all) with the highest feedback and noise resistant microphone on the market. Comes wired with studio quality Mogami cable attached to a hard-wearing stereo Switchcraft end pin jack that can be permanently or temporarily installed. And best of all it's proudly made right here in the USA by Mojotone!

Installation Instructions

Clarity & Enhancement
Enhanced version of our NC-1 with an onboard microphone that blends in or out as much as you desire. The full-range microphone brings in all of the natural “air” and acoustic clarity that allows your unique acoustic guitar tone and playing style to pervade, with absolutely no compromise.

Balance & Perfection
Specifically designed to have perfect string balance and volume with normal bronze or phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings. There’s no need for adjustable polepieces or special strings to compensate for unbalanced string volume! No more annoying loud high E and B strings with muddy low strings! 

Noise & Feedback Resistant
Noiseless preamp design makes for the quietest performance possible in the studio or live. The onboard microphone is also the most feedback resistant on the market!

Lightweight & Simple
Extremely lightweight and compact design allows for quick installation without modification, loosening strings, or adding unwanted mass to the soundhole of your guitar. To keep things simple, we permanently located the microphone for you (in the absolute perfect spot) so you won't have to deal with the trial and error of mic placement, or have the mic move during a performance! 

Ergonomic & Friendly
Rolled edges and low-profile mounting ears keep the pickup from getting in the way of your picking while the natural cork pads protect the most delicate nitrocellulose finishes from damage.

Power & Convenience
Active 6V preamp with over 250 playing hours powered by the most common lithium 2xCR2032 coin cell batteries (Included). All in a convenient slide out drawer for easy battery replacement.

Installation & Quality
Low capacitance and flexible Mogami cable pre-wired to a stereo Switchcraft USA end pin jack. This can be permanently installed; alternatively, we include a clip for your belt or strap for a non-permanent installation. 
  • Single Coil (Noise-cancelling preamp) 
  • 6V Active (2 x 3V CR2032 lithium batteries included) 
  • Battery Life (250+ hours) 
  • Mic Blend Control 
  • Battery Test Button 
  • Mogami cable to Switchcraft Stereo Endpin Jack 
  • Minimum Soundhole Diameter (83.8mm or 3.30”) 
  • Made in the USA

Quiet Coil Acoustic Series

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5/22/2023 4:49 pm

The Mojotone Quiet Coil NC-2 does everything it promises

by Bernd -

I was always afraid of using a soundhole pickup on my beautiful Lowden O50 Brazilian Rosewood/Sinker Redwood or my wonderful Martin D28 Custom Guatemalan Rosewood/Adirondack because I didn‘t want them to sound like a Les Paul.
But as I was even more afraid of having any kinds of holes drilled into them I gave the Mojotone Quiet Coil NC-2 a chance.
I am truly amazed by the beautiful, natural and authentic tone it delivers and it really IS quiet even when I sit near to my amplifier with the mic halfways dialled in.
So if you decide to use a soundhole pickup with your acoustic guitar you should absolutely give it a try.

1/9/2023 3:49 pm

Incredible pickup Mojotone!

by wc -

Insanely good!!! Not many pieces of gear make me grin like this one did. It was an immediate surprise when I strummed the first chord and heard the acoustic sound I've been trying to get from a pickup for years! Absolutely love it!