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Quiet Coil NC-1 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup

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The soundhole pickup you've been waiting for...

After several years of research and development, Mojotone has truly made a breakthrough for acoustic players who want the purest and most uncompromised acoustic soundhole pickup tone ever heard. And it’s handmade right here in Burgaw, NC USA!

Mojotone’s Quiet Coil NC-1 Soundhole pickup reacts with the natural frequencies of your guitar while also eliminating the unnatural “electric guitar” tone associated with all magnetic soundhole pickups. With its noise-free design and perfectly balanced string to string volume, you’re sure to inspire and be inspired.

Installation Instructions

Voicing & Tone
Voiced and EQ’d like a microphone to emphasize your guitar’s pure and natural acoustic tone; No more unnatural highs or mids like with other magnetic soundhole pickups, and no need for extra gear to compensate for an underwhelming pickup tone! 

Balance & Perfection
Specifically designed to have perfect string balance and volume with bronze or phosphor bronze wound acoustic guitar strings. There’s no need for adjustable polepieces or special strings to compensate for unbalanced string volume! 

Noise & Feedback Resistant
Noiseless preamp design makes for the quietest performance possible in the studio or live. And best of all, it’s feedback resistant! 

Lightweight & Simple
Extremely lightweight and compact design (less than 1.6 oz!) allows for quick installation without modification, loosening strings, or adding unwanted mass to the soundhole of your guitar. 

Ergonomic & Friendly
Rolled edges and low-profile mounting ears keep the pickup from getting in the way of your picking while the natural cork pads protect the most delicate nitrocellulose finishes from damage. 

Power & Convenience
Active 6V preamp with over 500 playing hours powered by the most common lithium 2xCR2032 coin cell batteries (Included). All in a convenient slide out drawer for easy battery replacement. 

Installation & Quality
Low capacitance and flexible shielded cable pre-wired to a stereo Switchcraft USA end pin jack. This can be permanently installed; alternatively, we include a clip for your belt or strap for a non-permanent installation. 
  • Single Coil (Noise-cancelling preamp) 
  • 6V Active (2 x 3V CR2032 lithium batteries included) 
  • Battery Life (500+ hours) 
  • Master Volume 
  • Battery Test Button 
  • Switchcraft Stereo Endpin Jack 
  • Minimum Soundhole Diameter (83.8mm or 3.30”) 
  • Made in the USA

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15 reviews

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9/15/2021 3:07 pm

Videos don't do it justice at all

by Martin77 -

As advertised. Your videos don't do it justice though. I almost decided against buying one because of that but I heard one in person luckily and got one anyway. Glad I did!

8/31/2021 12:31 pm

A soundhole pickup that has everything!

by MD G -

I knew it was a fully-magnetic pickup, but I was so surprised how much it picks up the body sound.
I could clearly hear more "acoustic" in this NC-1 pickup than the old Japanese made goldfoil-type magnetic soundhole pickup I have. (Which sounds pretty good, too)
And, you can trust the note clarity in any Mojotone pickup including this one.
To test the feedback, I played the guitar right in front of the amp, facing the soundhole right towards the cabinet. Then, with the volume at a decent level, I cranked up the gain till I got feedback. I could turn up to about 7~8 and got a good amount of distortion.
The best part about this pickup is that it's simple and slim.
It's very easy to install with useful features like battery test and volume control, and it doesn't distract your picking thanks to the slim body design.
Now, since I have experienced this NC-1 pickup, there's no going back to any other pickup.

8/23/2021 1:44 pm

Great Job Mojotone! A+

by Thomas -

Sounds a lot like a mic pickup, which is a "true" and warm sound. Super easy to install. Even sound pretty good on my mojotone GA-5 tube amp, I just have to keep the volume down a little. Playing through my solid state amp is a dream, just a louder version of my instrument. I play with a Lillian pedal on a few songs and this pickup doesn't miss a beat. All in All, an impressive pickup.

8/20/2021 6:43 pm

Just a great pickup

by Don -

All I can say is this pickup far exceeded my expectations. I have an acoustic with no electronics and wanted to add a pickup with the least invasive way possible. This did the trick. Easy to install, volume control works perfectly. The battery indicator is a great feature.

The sound is excellent. Highly recommended.

8/18/2021 5:57 pm

Best acoustic pickup I’ve heard!

by Diego Hodge -

The NC-1 is a huge step up from my guitar’s built in pickups. It’s by far the best sounding acoustic pickup that I’ve ever used. It really does sound a lot closer to a mic than a typical acoustic pickup.

8/18/2021 4:19 pm

Fantastic Soundhole pickup!!!!!!

by Andy Patalan -

The build quality on the Quiet Coil NC-1 was only outdone by its instant ability to translate a warm and focused sound into both my DAW and my live acoustic setup. Soooo smooth. Nice one MojoTone!

8/17/2021 11:29 am

Superb Tone!

by Cory -

Such a fantastic pickup. I put this in as a fix to an acoustic where the piezo had gone out, and the improvement in tone was drastic. I even had people come up to me after the performance and tell me how great the tone sounded, I never had that happen before!

8/12/2021 7:58 pm

Hellz Yaaaasss!!!

by Chris Goertzen -

I recorded my acoustic direct through my Audient interface and couldn’t believe my ears. This pickup is a Hellz Yaaasss purchase. Can’t recommend enough!!

8/6/2021 9:29 am

great sound

by rDog -

They said the MojoTone Quiet Coil NC-1 Acoustic Soundhole Pickup sounds natural. I was very surprised to find that it really sounds great. I do not detect that typical soundhole pickup "electric guitar" sound. Very feedback resistant as well. It looks good for what it is also. Highly recomended. Would I record with it? Probably not on solo guitar, or maybe mixed with mic signal...but in a group setting, yes

8/5/2021 3:10 pm

Natural Sound

by Chris C -

I like the sound so much, I decided to i stall permanently on my Martin 000-15SM. Very natural sounding, resists feedback. I expected some of that electric guitar sound, but this sounds like an acoustic guitar...my guitar

7/13/2021 8:29 am

Good Job Mojo!

by Jerry M

Hi from your southern neighbor,

I've been a fan of Mojo for years and was glad to see they expanded into acoustic pickups. Having owned their quiet coil strat pickups and 59 humbuckers, I had a good feeling this acoustic pickup would be nothing short of amazing. My guitar is equipped with a factory Aura system which has served me well until the under saddle element started to buzz. I figured a soundhole pickup would be good to have as a backup but it sounds so good I'm considering permanently installing it!

6/29/2021 10:40 am


by Bradley -

Ok, I was expecting to have to critique this pickup and call out Mojotone for false advertising lol! I mean come on, a claim that it sounds like a microphone is pretty bold. Because of that Mojo caught my attention. I have to say Mojotone you were right! This pickup is crisp, powerful, balanced, and ridiculously natural! I'm literally going to sell all of my other soundhole pickups so I can get another one of these. I have no idea how you accomplished this, but whatever you guys are doing there keep it up! This pickup is a game changer beyond anything from other soundhole pickups and I'm pretty sure I have played them all! Ok time to get back to playing this thing!

6/29/2021 10:39 am


by Searcher Sorensen -

First of all, before I forget, Martin Retro, monel strings work exceptionally well with this p/u. I think only bronze is mentioned by Mojotone, and I took the chance and got it anyway but Monels work fine. I'm a songwriter and a rhythm guitar player and I play amplified every Friday night with a band I've been with for about 15 years now. I ended up putting this in a 2007 Gibson J-185 TV . In the J185 the NC-1 is just stellar. Unbelievably quiet and crystal clear and powerful when cranked up. I had a Lawrence A345 humbucker in the J185 just previously and it sometimes got close but the mounting system was too primitive to keep the B and high E strings tamed enough for consistency. It is a great pickup and I would recommend it highly. I'm very happy with the NC-1 and look forward to playing with it and seeing what more it's got to offer. It's fun, you know. Easy to install and looks good too.

2/17/2021 1:47 pm

This pickup is amazing.

by Caleb Mac -

This pickup is amazing. I've used several soundhole pickups and currently own a Baggs M-80 but this Mojotone pickup is in a league on it's own. I've never heard one that sounded this natural and full spectrum before. Mojotone you will sell millions of these! Well done and thank you!

2/17/2021 1:47 pm

Thank you Mojotone!

by Thomas Martin -

Thank you Mojotone! This pickup produces the purest acoustic sound on the market/planet. I love being a part of this company's growth; I agree with Caleb Mac, Mojotone will sell millions of these! Keep up the great work Mojotone!