Blackface Deluxe Reverb® Style Small Parts Kit

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One of our most popular amps, the Mojotone Deluxe Reverb Style Kit, is based on arguably the most widely used guitar amp of all time. Just about every iconic guitarist imaginable has played through a Deluxe Reverb at some point or another, but this amp has been specifically touted by artists such as Mike Campbell, Vince Gill, Jackson Brown, and even Elvis Costello.

Considered by some a perfect pedal platform amp, this simple 22 watt circuit comes stock with a Jensen C12Q 12” speaker and (2) JJ 6V6 power tubes. This combination provides a foundation for crystal clear note separation with a full and warm body. Experience the classic chime of a Deluxe Reverb and take advantage of the multiple inputs, two channels, and beautiful onboard reverb and tremolo effects.

There are two inputs on the normal channel -- input 1 is slightly hotter than input 2 giving a guitarist the option to connect multiple guitars whose pickups have different output levels, without having to adjust the amp’s volume levels. The normal channel is extremely user friendly and straightforward with only three controls -- volume, treble, and bass. The Vibrato channel also has two inputs which work the same way as those on the normal channel. Similarly, the Vibrato channel contains volume, treble, and bass, but also houses the controls for reverb level as well as tremolo speed and intensity.

We offer a completely hand-wired Deluxe Reverb style amp assembled by our expert builders right here at Mojotone headquarters.  Our in-house technicians have an extreme attention to detail and take great pride in their work -- our builds are 100% guaranteed.

For those players who are a little more "hands-on," we also offer the amplifier as a kit with a variety of options including small parts only, full kit (both head and combo configurations), export specs, and more.


Some of the parts contained in this kit are subject to availability. Mojotone reserves the right to change or substitute any and all of the parts contained in this amplifier kit without advertisement or notification to the buyer. Part substitutions made by Mojotone are guaranteed not to affect the integrity or operation of your amplifier kit.

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2/17/2021 1:48 pm

The kit had everything I needed, and then some

by Dean -

I ordered this kit to convert a bad DRRI to a handwired AB763 Deluxe Reverb. The kit had everything I needed, and then some. Good high quality capacitors, NOS carbon comp resistors, good quality tube sockets (all micalex), plenty of wiring, a detailed diagram and schematic, CTS Mojo pots, really everything you need for small parts. Everything came in two very nice transparent-plastic part containers. The containers have dividers with all the parts separated, and there was a detailed label on the bottom of the lid letting you know where everything was in the kit.

The kit comes with the three fiber boards with an accompanying insulator board; one each for the main board, filter cap board, and bias circuit board, all with eyelets installed. Ultimately I decided to go with a G10 setup instead, but this kit has the fiber boards and insulators included in case you are curious.

I was also impressed with the price; all these parts sourced individually will cost more than this kit (I checked), and the kit itself contains a lot of extra hardware and parts for your build.

The only other items I ordered were some different colors of wiring, as this kit only comes with white and green - this would be my only complaint, as Mojotone's diagram shows different colors of wiring that are not included in the kit. It's a small issue though, considering what you get for your money!

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

As someone who has hand-wired amps in the past, this kit is incredible.

by Michael -

A few months ago I converted my Deluxe Reverb Reissue using this kit. Since doing so I've received MANY compliments on my tone! As someone who has hand-wired amps in the past, this kit is incredible. This is what a Deluxe Reverb should sound like. Everything you need to wire up a new Deluxe Reverb or convert a Reissue is in this kit. The parts are all of amazing quality.

The staff at Mojotone were patient, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. I am already planning my next build!