Can Mojotone recover my current speaker cabinet?

With years of experience and hundreds of covering options from which to choose, Mojotone® is your trusted source for making your vintage treasure like new again. Be sure to check out our tolex, grill cloth, piping and handle selections and we will customize your cab to your specifications!

For a quote on recovering your amp cabinet, call or email us today!

MojoTone is the industry expert in the restoration of the following brands:

Please contact [email protected] for restoration of brands not listed above.

The following materials can not be recovered:

*If it is an original amp cabinet and there are no copyright infringements, we can apply logos and hardware.

*Due to OSHA regulations and requirements, we can not handle or remove any asbestos laden items. Any items received with asbestos or anything resembling asbestos will be bagged and returned. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Before sending your cabinet to mojotone

Start by contacting [email protected] about recovering your product. Prior to shipping to Mojotone, remove your speakers, amplifier and all hardware that you want to keep. Pricing does not include structural repairs to joinery, replacement baffles and/or back panels.

Lead times will average 4-6 weeks per project.

Please ship your amp cabinet to us without the chassis or speakers to:

ATTN: Recover
137 Worth Beverage Drive
Burgaw, NC 28425


Most heads: $300
Most Small Combos: $350 (18 watt size and smaller)
Most 2X12 Size Cabinets: $450
Most 4X12 Size Cabinets: $550

Pricing is determined once the recover has been received at Mojotone.

Recovers DO NOT include corners, chassis straps, tilt-back legs or any hardware with original manufacturer logos on it (but may be purchased separately).