Mojotone is a vintage electronics supplier, custom and vintage reproduction speaker cabinet builder, and world class pickup manufacturer that serves electric guitar and tube amplifier enthusiasts, technicians and builders.

We help our customers BUILD, MODIFY and REPAIR by providing products, services and knowledge that keeps the art and science of our industry alive.

Mojotone is trusted by over 250 industry brand names as an OEM pickup, cabinet, and amplifier builder and we serve countless boutique brands, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts by supplying parts, kits and services that support the successful completion of their builds. The Mojotone manufacturing team has also built backline stage setups for some of Rock n' Roll's most celebrated acts such as The Who, Rush, and Greenday and are prepared to help you with your project.

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Whether you would like to swap out a speaker, upgrade your pickups or add an effects loop to your amplifier, Mojotone has the parts, knowledge and service to help you get that done. Our team of experts have spent years tweaking and modding guitars and amps and have completed mods that help bring the best out of their personal gear as well as that of touring artists, recording artists and more.

Starting out with a small repair shop in Winston-Salem, NC, our Co-owner Andy Turner studied, repaired, and documented hundreds of amplifier circuits and as Mojotone has grown, built a team of experts with backgrounds in guitar repair and modification, amp repair and modification coupled with a passion to problem solve.

We understand the importance of successfully getting a repair done and what that means to you as a player, a repair technician or a shop owner. We know you need the right parts, the correct technical information and the support to get it done.

Everyone at Mojotone is focused on the mission of helping our customers complete their projects successfully and we can provide you with support, ideas and information to do so.

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Over the years, Mojotone has acquired and fine-tuned, the largest historical database for vintage amp and guitar information and has made itself the largest vintage guitar and amplifier knowledge base on the planet. Additionally, we created, a travel blog dedicated to exposing success stories in the boutique and vintage gear supply industry. Our goal is not only to supply the retailer and player with the best possible products, but to empower them by sharing every bit of what we have learned about this industry and its history.