British Style Plexi/800 50W Power Transformer (Direct Replacement for the Marshall® JCM800)

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British Style Plexi/800 50 Watt Power Transformer. (Direct Replacement for the Marshall® JCM800)

All Mojotone Transformers are made in the USA. High Quality, Reliability, and Excellence are what make our transformers the best around.

Please use caution when referencing these wiring diagrams. Mojotone transformers have undergone various changes over the years and these wiring diagrams are meant to aid in the purchasing process and represent current production only. These diagrams may not necessarily correspond to previous models. Mojotone is not liable for damage that may result from the use of these diagrams. Please contact us if you are unsure about anything relating to Mojotone transformers or if you need to verify data on a specific transformer you have been shipped, especially if you did not purchase the transformer within the past six months.

Primary: 120/230/240
X mount 3.25" x 3.35" (oblong mounting holes)



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10/17/2023 7:44 pm

Re: A little Hot

by EZS -

Apparently with my bias probes in place I got a B+ of 474 which is a touch high, especially looking for classic 2204 tone. Once I removed the probe sockets and measured again, I read B+ 408 which is perfect.
I confirmed this twice. I have no Idea why plate voltage would give me different reading with the probe plugs in place, but they did.
I emailed admin to please remove my previous review.

7/26/2023 8:49 am

Good Reliable transformer

by Redbeard

I have used these transformers for some time now! Very reliable. They have a really good sound to them too. Hold up to the best of them!