Celestion G12H-150 Redback 12" Speaker 8 Ohm 150W

Weight: 10.4 lb
Sale Unit: Piece

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The G12H-150 Redback has been created for players who are looking for extreme power handling but refuse to compromise on great tone. Rated at a gargantuan 150-watts, the Redback is constructed with a supersized 2-inch voice coil and features the heaviest G12 magnet. The result is a guitar speaker that sounds 100% Celestion in character, yet is primed to withstand a pummelling from a 100-watt head all by itself, and still come back for more.The Redback proves that you no longer need to choose between power and tone. With a tight, well-controlled low end, detailed midrange and more relaxed treble, Celestion’s engineering expertise has produced a truly high power guitar speaker that can still deliver balance, responsiveness and superb playability, with muscular ease.With lower power combos, expect tons of smooth, clean tone and don’t be afraid to plug in your favourite stomp box. Thinking of downsizing your cabinet? Simply hook up a single Redback to your 100-watt head and generate giant slabs of frightening, monstrous tone.
General Specifications
  • Nominal diameter: 12", 305mm
  • Power rating: 150W
  • Nominal impedance:
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
  • Chassis type: Pressed steel
  • Voice coil diameter: 2", 50mm
  • Magnet type: Ceramic
  • Magnet weight: 50oz, 1.42kg
  • Frequency range: 70-5000Hz
  • Resonance frequency, Fs: 75Hz
  • Voice coil former material: Round copper

Mounting Information
  • Cut-out diameter: 11.1", 283mm
  • Diameter: 12.2", 309mm
  • Magnet structure diameter: 6.6", 168mm
  • Mounting slot dimensions: 0.31", 7.9mm
  • Mounting slot PCD: 11.7", 297mm
  • Number of mounting slots: 8
  • Overall depth: 5.4", 138mm
  • Unit weight: 10.4lb, 4.7k

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12/10/2021 5:49 pm

Great and Classic Sounding Celestion Speaker

by Brian -

I purchased the Redback because I needed a classic Celestion rock sound in something over 100 watts handling capacity. By "classic Celestion rock sound I mean Greenbacks and the various higher watt variations such as the 65 and later the Creambacks.

I play crunchy rock with humbucker or P90 guitars straight into a 68 Plexi clone (Rockitt Retro 50), and a 1x12 Mojotone Lite series British cab, loaded with the Redback.

It's been a while since I've used the Celestions that I mention earlier, so I can't go in to detail in a compare/contrast exercise. What I can say with a high degree of confidence is that this speaker is easily in the ballpark when it comes to that classic Celestion crunch attributed to Greenbacks and its higher watt cousins. While I don't doubt that there are differences in the details between all of these different "Greenback flavor" Celestions, I am happy a heck with the Redback because it kicks out the rawk!

2/17/2021 1:42 pm


by anonymous

follow up to previous review: i saw there was a fsr deluxe reverb coming stock with a redback and i was just curious and i unplugged my internal speaker and plugged in my 1x12 redback cab into the deluxe reverb and this is the smoothest sounding evenly balanced speaker i have ever heard a deluxe reverb through blows the jensen special design speaker that came stock totally out of the water for a low wattage amp if you just want to hear your amp with 20 watts you get no speaker cone breakup but it has some serious thick and not piercing sounds i might have to buy another one of these when they come back in stock and drop one in my deluxe reverb this is an all around great speaker except it doesnt sound good with my mesa boogie doesnt like high gain amps so much but they excell at everything else