Quiet Coil NC-Passive Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup

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Accurately reproduces the natural sound of your acoustic guitar in a simple plug-and-play passive design

The Mojotone Quiet Coil NC Passive acoustic guitar pickup is humbucking and designed to react with the natural resonance of your acoustic guitar. Our goal was to break through all boundaries by producing the most natural and uncompromised acoustic tone you could possibly get from a passive soundhole pickup design. We think we met our goal beyond all expectations. Try out our acoustic guitar pickup for yourself. You'll find a bold and natural sounding passive soundhole pickup anywhere that doesn't require batteries!

This plug and play design installs easily with absolutely no modification to your prize acoustic guitar, and gives you the freedom to run through any pre-amp you want, or simply just plug directly into your rig. Comes wired with studio quality Mogami cable attached to a hard-wearing stereo Switchcraft end pin jack that can be permanently or temporarily installed. And best of all it's proudly made right here in the USA by Mojotone!

Plug & Play
Incredible acoustic tone that resonates with the natural frequency of your acoustic guitar in a simple plug and play passive soundhole pickup. Just plug into your favorite pre-amp or simply plug directly into your system without the underwhelming and quacky acoustic tone associated with other passive soundhole pickups!

Balance & Perfection
Specifically designed to have perfect string balance and volume with normal bronze or phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings. There’s no need for adjustable polepieces or special strings to compensate for unbalanced string volume! No more annoying loud high E and B strings with muddy low strings!

Noise & Feedback Resistant
Dual humbucking design makes for the quietest performance possible in the studio or live. And best of all, it’s highly feedback resistant!

Compact & Simple
Compact design allows for quick installation without modification, loosening strings, or adding unwanted mass to the soundhole of your guitar.

Ergonomic & Friendly
Rolled edges and low-profile mounting ears keep the pickup from getting in the way of your picking while the natural cork pads protect the most delicate nitrocellulose finishes from damage.

Installation & Quality
Low capacitance and flexible Mogami cable pre-wired to a stereo Switchcraft USA end pin jack. This can be permanently installed; alternatively, we include a clip for your belt or strap for a non-permanent installation.


  • Humbucking (No noise)
  • Passive (No batteries required)
  • Mogami cable to Switchcraft Stereo Endpin Jack
  • Minimum Soundhole Diameter (83.8mm or 3.30”)
  • Made in the USA

Quiet Coil Acoustic Series

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