Tweed Princeton 5F2-A Style Small Parts Kit

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SKU: z5550020
Weight: 3 lb
Sale Unit: Piece

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This kit has a lead time.  Check here for more information.

This small parts kit includes all resistors, capacitors, pots, switches, knobs, jacks, sockets, wire and screws (see picture). Tweed small part kits also include the main fiberboard(s). Unfortunately we can't offer any substitutions in this particular kit.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the parts contained in this kit are subject to availability. Mojo Musical Supply reserves the right to change or substitute any and all of the parts contained in this amplifier kit without advertisement or notification to the buyer. Part substitutions made by Mojo Musical Supply are guaranteed not to effect the integrity or operation of your amplifier kit.

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12/11/2021 3:29 pm

"kick ass amp"

by Matthew -

without nit picking. Kit had all parts necessary. schematics on the resource page was all i needed to wire it up. power cord is adequate length. not sure why it is such an issue. it would help if mojotone had stock on some parts like transformers but their loss. I sourced them elsewhere. All in all a simple build for a kick-ass amp.

2/17/2021 1:49 pm

The tone is outstanding

by Derek -

Great kit, but double check the bill of materials right when you get it; not uncommon to be missing a part or 2. Also, make sure in advance Mojo is going to ship enough wire to complete the kit. The last two Tweed Princeton kits I received did not have enough cloth covered wire to complete the build. Didn't use to be that way. And, make sure they are going to send you a 12' power cord as advertised, not a 6' cord.

Have build three of these now and the tone is outstanding.

Great kit, but kind of bummed to see Mojo pulling back a bit on certain things. The last two Princeton Small Parts kits I purchased from Mojo did not have enough wire to complete the build.

The kit, last I checked, is advertised as coming with a 12' power cord. The cord I received is around 6'.