Vibrolux / Tremolux Power Transformer 125P31A

Weight: 5.581 lb
Sale Unit: Piece

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Replacement for Fender part numbers 125P31A, 125P26A, 022731, 022723, 041316.

Pro Tip on the Primary Leads

All Mojotone transformers are made in the USA. Quality, Reliability, and Excellence are what make our transformers the best around. 

To repair techs: If you require a replacement transformer for your customer's vintage amp that won't degrade its value, then take comfort in knowing Mojotone transformers are manufactured on the same equipment and from the same materials as the original part.  Our transformers look, smell, and perform like the original without a high price tag.  

Please use caution when referencing our current wiring diagrams. Mojotone transformers have undergone various changes over the years and these wiring diagrams are meant to aid in the purchasing process and represent current production only. These diagrams may not necessarily correspond to previous models. Mojotone is not liable for damage that may result from the use of these diagrams. Please contact us if you are unsure about anything relating to Mojotone transformers or if you need to verify data on a specific transformer you have been shipped, especially if you did not purchase the transformer within the past six months.

Primary: 100/120/200/210/220/230/240VAC

Z Mount: 3-1/8'' x 2-1/2'' centers. Bias tap not used on 6G11 or 6G9 amps.

Paper bobbin / high-grade steel

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12/11/2023 7:31 pm

Great Transformers

by Key

IronHorseAmps has used this power transformer and others made by Heyboer for years in our custom amps. American made quality is something we appreciate.

2/17/2021 1:42 pm

Thanks Mojotone!!!

by anonymous

Just completed building a 1963 Brownface Vibroverb (6G16) using Tremolux transformers (Both PT and OT). When I fired the amp up on the bench it took my breath away. I had played an original many years ago but could never afford one. The memory I have of the character and tonal articulation has not waned. This amp is every bit as powerful as I remember the original. The vibrato (Tremolo) is second to none with all the warmth, punch and intensity anticipated. Thanks to John Manning who verified that these are the correct transformers for this amp, I now have my favorite all time amp. Thanks Mojotone!!!