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Our 6 Best Space-Saving Speaker Cabinets for Guitarists 2023

Six Small Speaker Cabinets Made Lighter and Compared.

Written by
Andrew Simmons
Published on
March 6, 2023 at 11:13:19 AM PST March 6, 2023 at 11:13:19 AM PSTth, March 6, 2023 at 11:13:19 AM PST

The space-saving speaker cabinet category is nothing new. But we’ve taken the extra step of making them lighter. If you’re trying to find info on lightweight speaker cabinets, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re saving space or conserving energy our lite speaker cabinets serve a specific need for guitarists in the compact speaker cabinet category.

We’re going to light dive into a handful of the options we’ve designed to help you save space and make it easier for you to transport your gear. This list of small speaker cabinets has both time-tested lite cabinets and new-to-market lite speaker cabinets to whet your appetite.

So here's how this will work. First we're going to go through the tech that goes into our lightweight speaker cabinets, answering some common questions. Next we'll talk about the cabs themselves, and we will finish off with a comparison.

What do you sacrifice when playing with small and lighter speaker cabinets?

By using pinewood we are able to reduce the weight of these cabs, keeping the same tone and most of the same volume that you’d pull from their bigger bodied counterparts. Of course the smaller lightweight cabinets don’t have the same volume as our bigger (still small in comparison) compact speaker cabinet.

How do you generate the same tone and volume with small speaker cabinets?

We take advantage of physics, pouring more blood sweat and tears into these lightweight speaker cabinets to deliver optimal quality in a smaller package. These aren’t just small speaker cabinets with micro parts.

Internal bracing in small speaker cabinets

Our lite cabs maintain the same finger jointed internal brace that we use in all of our cabinets, which means they will hold up to moisture and humidity. 

Without further ado, our lightweight Speaker Cabinets:

Mojotone 1x12 Lite American Style Cabinet Loaded W/ Celestion Neo Creamback 8 Ohm

The Mojotone Lite 112 is the lightest loaded 1x12 cabinet we have ever made, weighing in at 18 lbs loaded with an 8 ohm Celestion Neo Creamback Speaker. A great cabinet for small rooms, rehearsals or any stage where you will be mic'd, the Mojotone Lite 112 is easy to transport and sounds great.

3/4" Solid pine shell with handmade 1/4" finger joints. 1/2" ply 100% void-free Baltic birch ply speaker baffle. Designed to pair up perfectly with a Princeton Reverb® or Tweed Deluxe®. Sounds great with an Orange Tiny Terror®, Vox Night Train®, Mesa Mini Rec®, Marshall Class 5® and many other amplifiers.

Mojotone 1x12 Lite British Style Cabinet Loaded W/ Celestion Neo Creamback 8 Ohm

This is our British version of the 1x12 Lite. Internally this is the same as the 1x12 Lite American. So if you’re playing smaller clubs or need more portability and want a British speaker cabinet this is for you.

Mojotone 4x12 Lite British Style Cabinet Loaded W/ Celestion Neo Creambacks

Our lite 4X12 cabinet weighs half as much as a standard 4X12 speaker cabinet. Zero compromises were made during the development of this small speaker cabinet. The shell is not full of holes, it's not "weight relieved". This cabinet is constructed from premium grade 3/4" solid pine and joined with precision cut 1/4" finger joinery. Wrapped to perfection, arriving at the gig or rehearsal in style. And even better - you won't have to ask your band mates to help you move it around.

Mojotone 4x12 Lite American Style Cabinet Loaded W/ Celestion Neo Creambacks

The lightest 4x12 on the market, you’ll find the shell and construction to be the same as its British counterpart. Playing a large venue with little roadie support and going for an American look? You won’t find a lighter 4x12 to play with.

Mojotone 2X12 American Style Lite Cabinet Loaded W/ Celestion Neo Creamback 8 Ohm Speakers

The Mojotone Lite 2X12 American style speaker extension cabinet is an ultra lightweight option that does not sacrifice tone. Built using 3/4" solid pinewood, joined with precision cut 1/4" Finger Joints for added durability and long lasting life, our Loaded lite 2X12 will get the job done at rehearsal and at the big show!

Mojotone 2X12 British Lite Cabinet Loaded W/ Celestion Neo Creamback 8 Ohm Speakers

Cosmetically British with the medium footprint and construction from its American equivalent. If you’re playing a 300-900 person venue and are strapped for space you’ll find all the tone and volume you need in a 28” footprint and 30 lbs. loaded cabinet

Which lightweight speaker cabinet should you choose?

The choice really comes down to aesthetics, size, and your lifestyle; the lightweight speaker cabinet that you decide to run is yours to make. You’ll notice in our selection that we included both British and American Style cabinets, where the only difference is look and feel, but we also included different sizing depending on your venue, mode of transportation, etc.

Cosmetic Comparison

The "American style" is geared towards customers looking for a classic "Fender" vibe. They all feature a 4 panel wrap method with Chrome Glide amplifier feet. Whereas the "British style" is geared towards customers looking for a classic "Marshall" look and feel. All of our British speaker cabinets feature a 1-piece wrap method, baffle piping and large rubber amplifier feet.

Size Comparison

The 112 Lite American / British is a compact speaker, lightweight, and best suited for micro sized amplifiers. They are also recommended for small clubs (less than 200 people) and small rehearsal spaces. Starting around 2014, amplifier manufacturers started producing micro versions of their flagship products. Specific examples of products that pair well with the 112 Lite would be: Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier, Orange Tiny Terror, Quilter Labs, Vox Night Train, etc. These sit on top of the 112 Lite without issue. The 112 Lite is a perfect grab and go cabinet, and it should fit into the front seat or rear seat of any vehicle. It can also be easily carried onto a subway. Guitarists in New York City really appreciate the 112 Lite for this very reason. Weighing in at 18 lbs. with the recommended speaker, and this cab is recommended to be paired with amplifiers that produce 1-30 watts.

The 212 Lite has a medium footprint at 28" Wide but remains easy to transport at 30 lbs. loaded with the recommended speaker. Guitarists playing medium sized venues (300-900) will be able to use it on stage without worrying over space or volume. We recommend this compact speaker cabinet to customers that will pair with amplifiers producing 25-60 watts. Most amplifier shells that meet these criteria do not exceed a 28" width. Even though this is a 2X12, you shouldn't need a roadie or bandmate to assist you with putting the cabinet on and off the stage.

The 412 Lite is the lightest 4X12 speaker cabinet on the market. Weighing in at 44 lbs. loaded with the recommended speaker, it’s possible to carry it without assistance from a roadie or bandmate. Although we equip this product with metal recessed handles so that two people can share the load easily. Our 4X12 is great for larger venues, outdoor gigs, and situations where you need to push as much air as possible. The 4X12 Lite is geared towards the guitarist that has grown accustomed to the power of a 4X12 speaker cabinet but has grown tired of the accompanying weight or possibly someone who wants to upgrade to a 4X12 but needs to be able to maneuver without breaking their back.

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