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DIY Amp Kits

Classic circuits, built by you

For the last 25 years we’ve been carefully grooming our amp kit selection to include the most vintage-correct parts and schematics possible. There’s a TON of research that goes into cloning a classic, but we’ve already taken care of that part for you; all you have to do is choose which circuit you want and follow the provided instructions. If you want to really get to know what’s going on inside your favorite amplifiers, this is the absolute best way.
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Pickup Kits

Build the tone you crave

We see more and more guitarists wanting to repair, modify, and BUILD their own gear these days, and we certainly don’t blame them. This is the main reason we’ve developed our high-quality vintage pickup kits; we want to make buying the right parts easy for builders of all skill levels. Now you can create your own pickups using all the same industry-standard parts as we use in our own pickups, and of course, you’ll have the benefit of our customer service team to back you up.
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Guitar Parts

Be your own luthier

Guitar-builders, techs, luthiers, and everyday users have been relying on Mojotone’s huge selection of quality guitar parts for years now. A big part of our focus has always been supplying people with the right parts and the right know-how to get through any job successfully, and to yield the best results possible. We are proud to offer a full catalog of guitar hardware and electronics to best aid our customers in getting everything they need all in one place.
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Amp Parts

Customize your amp, your way

Let’s face it, when you open up an amplifier...there’s a lot going on in there. You’ll likely see different brands of similar parts, multiple resistors with different makeups and values, all kinds of capacitors, tiny pieces of hardware, large pieces of hardware, etc. The point is, we want to make sure you can get everything you need without having to compromise on quality. So whether you’re modifying an amp for someone, repairing a vintage circuit, or building your dream amp from scratch, you’ll want to get familiar with our parts selection!
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Cabinet Parts

Sound and look your best

Not only do we make the best speaker cabinets in the industry, but we also stock all of the hardware you’d need to build, recover, and repair your own cabs. It’s no secret that cabinets tend to not only take more abuse than the rest of your gear, but they also show it like no other! Despite this, they are just as much a part of a guitarist’s look and sound as any other piece of their rig. We’re here to help take care of your prized gear even if you beat it to pieces over and over again.
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Upgrade and get loud

A speaker swap is often considered the quickest way to change your entire rig’s character without breaking the bank. Not only that, but pairing the right amp with the right speakers is just straight-up crucial from the get-go. And who would we even be if we made the best cabinets in the world without offering a HUGE selection of speakers? Check out our long list of Celestion, Eminence, Jensen speakers; and while you’re at it, you may want to look into our highly sought-after Mojotone brand speakers.
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