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'52 Quiet Coil Tele® Pickup

17 Reviews
$98.95 to $196.95
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$98.95 to $196.95

Due to increased demand this product is currently being built to order. Our current production time is 14-16 weeks from the order date.

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Our approach was very simple, to make a tele pickup with the exact same parts and materials as a vintage tele pickup, without the hum. ‘52 “Quiet Coil™” tele pickups are passive and only use the parts and materials found in original vintage ‘52 tele pickups. Vintage spec 42 and 43 gauge coil wire, lower Gauss Alnico magnets, black fiberboard bobbins, and vintage cloth covered leads. 

No PC boards, batteries, stacked coils, or anything else associated with other hum-canceling pickups were used in our design. The result is simply the most pure and authentic tele tone possible, with absolutely no loss of true single coil tone. They are warm and articulate, with every bit of single coil sparkle and twang, just like original handwound 1952 tele pickups.

NOTE: With all Mojotone “Quiet Coil™” pickups, you never have to worry about string spacing and radius issues, or the magnets pulling the strings out of tune, and you can bend the strings heavily without ever losing focus or sustain. All of this while achieving perfect single coil tone and absolutely no hum!

Quiet Coil Design Features...

-Consistent scatterwound coils for that handwound tone, sensitivity, and clarity.

-Vintage formulated Alnico magnet cores with lower Gauss levels like an aged vintage tele pickup.

-Vintage cloth covered leads for easy push-back soldering.

-Matched resonant peak frequency, inductance, and resistance of a vintage single coil. 

-No routing modifications are required to fit shallow vintage routs like the taller stacked hum-cancelling designs.

-Less than 10 parts are used to build the Quiet Coils. Like a vintage tele pickup, they are SIMPLE!

Neck: 6.7K
Magnet: Alnico 5
Bridge: 7.5K
Magnet: Alnico 5

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8/31/2021 12:40 pm

Looking for a noiseless Tele? Just get these.

by MD G -

I have settled on this pickup after I realized that my stock single coil doesn't sound any better than this pickup.
I guess that tells everything.

8/21/2021 9:34 am

Absolute Tele Tonal Bliss without the hiss...

by Nick L -

I purchased the set and it met all my expectations.
Very nice, open, transparent & responsive feel, AND VERY QUIET TOO.
Coupled that with the pre-wired Tele 4-way mod and the tonal palette is just amazing.

8/20/2021 8:13 am

A No Compromise Noise Free Single Coil Style Pickup

by Jim -

I purchased the "52" bridge pickup, and two of the strat Quiet Coils for my
"Strat-O-Tele" hybrid gutar. The Quiet Coils are wonderful from the moment you take them out of the box. First impression is that they are extremely well built with great attention and care.
Once installed, I was impressed with the tone. These sound more like single coils than most hum-cancelling pickups of this style. No loss of the "Sparkle" that stacks, or rails style pickups suffer from. And of course, zero noise.
I'm very pleased with these, and have ordered more to swap into my other gigging instruments. Quiet Coils are a wonderful "No Compromise" option if you're looking to sound great and defeat 60 cycles while you're at it.
Highly Recommended!!!

8/19/2021 7:03 pm

My favorite

by Kevin -

I’ve tried several noiseless tele pickups. These are by far my favorite! I have a set of 52s in a tele standard and a broadcaster in the bridge with a lollar wide range in the neck of tele custom. I have used both on many sessions! They aren’t leaving!

8/19/2021 4:55 pm

These are the best pickups I have found after a long search for tone and no 60 cycle noise

by Steve Finley -

I run The Guitar Repair Centre in Surrey B.C. , and all my customers are raving about the quiet coil pickups. I also use them in my custom built guitars as well.
these pickups exhibit all the true tones of the pickups that they are modeled after, and no noise! Great for the studio!, Great live...you cant go wrong with these awesome pickups !

8/18/2021 11:18 pm

Great vintage Tele tone with no hum!

by Bryan -

Great Tele pickup set with no hum! Vintage tone and quiet, what more can you ask for?

8/18/2021 6:52 pm

Great Job Mojo Tone!!!! The perfect pickup!

by Isaiah C -

These are fantastic! I couldn't be happier with them. I immediately noticed the difference from my previous pickups - No Noise! I play at church quite a bit and have always shied away from using my tele because of the noise. But, as soon as I popped the '52 Quiet Coils in it became my main guitar. I'm able to get plenty of drive when I need it, as well as the bright spank that you need for those country licks. I can't say enough on how happy I am with these pickups! Great Job Mojo Tone!!!!

8/18/2021 4:18 pm

Love them!

by Thuktun -

I love these pickups! They have amazing tone, not quite single coil but not humbucker either, to my ears about 70/30. If I want that extra twang like pure single coils I find an eq pedal gets it in the ballpark enough for me. Beyond the tone of course they're as quiet as humbuckers, I usually play a little dirty so I like that feature, that's why I bought them in the first place. Highly recommend!

8/18/2021 3:24 pm

No Disappointments!!

by Zach -

I have had these pickups for less than six months. I have not had one single issue of unwanted noise. I have not noticed any loss of tone as a result. These pickups truly have the best of both worlds. There is no hum and yet you retain the feel of normal tone and clarity of single coil pickups. I was able to achieve good "spank and quack" out of the bridge pickup. The neck pickup is warm and very clear. I know tone is subjective, but most of us looking for that quintessential tele tone, will not be sad with these. I also purchased the solderless quick tele control plate. Went in smooth and had no issues.

8/18/2021 2:03 pm

Love at first TWANG!!!

by Jonathan Grossman - Night Shift Audio -

Totally amazing pickups. A no brainer for anyone who does studio work, like myself, and doesn't want to grapple with the hum. These are spot on accurate with tone, minus the hum. It's the way a tele was meant to sound!!! If Leo were here he'd give two thumbs up. :-)

I have a YT channel doing shootouts on guitar pedals and use these EXCLUSIVELY for those shootouts bc the tone is amazing and the absence of hum allows the pedals to show their colors.

Customer service is top notch as well. There was an issue with matching the output between the bridge and neck on my set and they sent a replacement right away. Problem solved. Loved these so much I put the Quiet Coil P-90s in my Les Paul Special - another slam dunk. Just ordered a JTM45 kit last week. Imagine I'll have another smile on my face with that one. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

8/18/2021 1:55 pm

Amazing Product

by Paul M -

This is my second set of Quiet Coils from Mojotone. I purchased one of their Strat sets (which are amazing too!) Only buy these pickups if you want spanky, honky, amazing tele tones that are perfectly balanced and easy to install that are also extremely quiet. These pickups give me everything I want from a single coil with none of the downsides. The quality of the build is impeccable and their instructions are amazing. These pickups are highly recommended!

8/18/2021 12:18 pm

Perfect replacement for a Kotzen Tele neck pickup!

by Bill T. -

Excellent pickup! I took a chance on this pickup since it was the only one I could find dimension-wise that would fit in a Kotzen Telecaster without having to route out the body. The sound produced from this thing was amazing and adjusting the height really helped blend it perfectly with the bridge humbucker already in the guitar. It’s dead silent and accurately reproduces the Tele neck sound. Highly recommended!

8/18/2021 11:23 am

Great pickups and great customer service

by Jonathan Orenstein -

I love my Mojo Tone '52 Quiet Coil tele pickups. I used them for my very first Telecaster build and they have a really great tone and they are super quiet. These are the best Telecaster pickups I have owned. What was even better was the Mojo Tone customer service. 6 months after getting my pickups, there was a cosmetic issue that arose. The Mojo Tone crew had me send the pickups back and they fixed the issue incredibly fast and the pickups came back to me better than new. I couldn't be happier. These are incredible!!

2/17/2021 1:44 pm

52' Telecaster Quiet Coils

by Johnny Jazzcaster

I built a Jazzcaster from Warmoth neck & body. The pickups are a set of '52 Telecaster with a P90 in the middle, all Quiet Coils. Wow, all the clarity of single coils, and none of the noise!

2/17/2021 1:44 pm

Game changer

by Mike D.

I can't say enough about these pickups and at the same time, I'm blown away speechless. Bright but full, takes every level of gain a Mesa Mk.V dishes out with ease, NEVER stops sounding like a Tele and quiet as a mouse. Buzzcocks? No problem. Albert Lee? Better believe it. Led Zeppelin I & II? All day. Keef? Try to NOT play Tumblin' Dice. Cropper? Green Onions to Burnin' Love. Seriously, Quiet Coils have changed the game in noiseless for Telecasters and Strats. Well done!!

2/17/2021 1:44 pm

Unbelievable clarity and range of tone

by anonymous

Why aren't more people talking about these? I put these in my Player Tele (along with a vintage bridge and tuners) and I am so blown away. After playing an American Strat Plus since '95 I decided I wanted a tele and after tweaking the setup I was really pleased. I thought the Quiet Coils would be nice to keep the humm down when I step on a drive pedal, but WHOA what a surprise! This is now THE best sounding guitar I have ever played. Unbelievable clarity and range of tone with just standard 3 way switching and treble bleed. I could not be happier with the results. The sound is inspiring me to play and learn more than ever. Thanks Mojotone. You did this right. (and they sound especially great through the 5f1 amp I built last year)

2/17/2021 1:44 pm

'52 Quiet Coil Tele Pickup

by B.B.

Guys, after trying your Strat Quiet coils. Thought I'd give the Tele Quiets a try. Sorry to say the Strat is no longer my main guitar. Just cannot express enough thanks on how great these pups sound. Anything I throw at these pickups they handle, rock, blues, soul, mellow, jazz, crunch, I could go on and on. It's like having the perfect weapon on stage and the tone I have, is pure heaven to these old ears and no noise. Thank you Mojo Tone for all your hard work.