Bill Kelliher Hellbender Humbucker Pickup Set

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Bill Kelliher, guitarist for the band Mastodon, worked with Mojotone to help create his ultimate signature pickup, Hellbender. The Hellbender is a raw and menacing beast with a capacity for the most visceral riffs intertwined with an articulate and open side for lush clean tones. This pickup set was designed for the duality of brutality and beauty. “Mastodon covers a wide array of sounds and tones, I needed a pickup that can pull off the gauntlet of tones needed for the band while leaving room to inspire new sounds.” Bill K. 

With complex tones comes complex design and innovation. The Hellbender's distributed coil design utilizes 2 different wire gauges for increased dynamics and smooth coil tapped tones. 2 different Alnico grades (2 & 5) are used to individually voice the neck and bridge pickups perfectly for complex tones and articulation with higher gain settings and inspiring clean tones. Finally ceramic magnets are blended in with the Alnico magnets to achieve tighter attack, more output, and just the right amount of sustain when kicked into overdrive.  

F-Spaced is for the bridge position only. All neck pickups are standard spaced. Choose F-Spaced for E to E string spacing wider than 2 inches at the saddles. Choose Standard spaced for anything 2 inches and under.
Neck: 11K
Magnet: Alnico 2 and Ceramic Blend
Lead: 4-Conductor
Potted: Yes
Bridge: 19K
Magnet: Alnico 5 and Ceramic Blend
Lead: 4-Conductor
Potted: Yes

Mojotone Bill Kelliher Hellbender Demo

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8/16/2023 9:35 pm

Great Pickups!

by Josh -

I installed these pickups in a Brent Hinds V. The Hellbenders are absolutely amazing! They are very articulate. The palm mutes pack a punch. The best way that I can describe them is they feel like a super hot PAF, they kind of have that sound to me as well. They clean up great with the volume knob and retain dynamics. The Hellbender set really made the guitar come to life, and really made the guitar sound like I thought it should sound in my head.
I have one complaint with the pickups. I ordered the aged nickel set. I was not super thrilled about the way they looked. It was not very “natural”, and was just way more aged than the pictures showed. I was able to re polish everything re age the covers to go with my guitar a little better. Not a big deal, and once I got to play them that pain kind of went away.
Overall it was a great experience and I really dig the pickups!

8/16/2023 3:45 pm

Only the Heaviest for Billy K and YOU!!

by EhDoubleEwe -

I love these pickups! If you're interested in these, you are probably a fan of heavy music and tones. These pickups are INCREDIBLE for high gain!

The split coils for each really opens up a lot of cool sounds. I'm pretty amazed by how articulate they are in the split mode.
The overall tone in full humbucker mode is thick and slightly dark, which is perfect for high gain and loud tones. But these are not muddy, they still maintain some clarity.
The split mode brings additional treble, reduces the mids a bit but maintains the same bass response. The split mode reminds me more of a regular PAF tone than a true single coil mode.
Overall, massive sounds coming from this set. Love them, never getting rid of them!!