Blackface Twin Reverb® Small Parts Kit

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Considered by some the holy grail of Fender-designed amplifiers, the Twin Reverb was an 85-watt tone machine.  Originally introduced in 1952, the Twin amp has undergone a number of revisions and circuit changes -- the Mojotone Twin Reverb style amp mirrors the AB763 circuit produced between 1963 and 1967.  Throughout history, this amp has been used on countless recordings. To mention just a few, Mike Bloomfield, James Burton (guitarist for Elvis Presley, John Denver and Ricky Nelson), Kurt Cobain, Steve Howe, and even John Lennon and George Harrison all used Twin Reverb amps.  These amps were responsible for some of the most iconic guitar sounds, and recordings ever produced.

The Mojotone Twin Reverb style amp is 85 watts of all-tube-driven class AB glory, powered by four 6L6GC vacuum tubes.  It features a mountain of clean headroom, allowing users to run their favorite pedals through the amp at any given volume and still sound like an absolute pro.  Thick and meaty low end fills out the character of the guitar tone while still exhibiting clear and pleasant highs that don’t pierce the listener’s ear. For those who want to feel the supreme ruling power of the Mojotone Twin Reverb style amp, there is an extension speaker output on the backpanel of the amp.  As always, you can swap out the 12” speakers to those of lower power handling, to give the amp an earlier breakup and a throatier tone.

Retaining and expanding upon the control panel features of the lower-powered Blackface era amps, the Twin Reverb style amp offers the most tonal control of any of our Fender-style amplifiers.  As always, the amp comes with a normal channel and a vibrato channel, each with two inputs of varying output levels (input 1 always being slightly hotter than input 2). From left to right on the normal channel, the controls are as follows -- bright switch, volume, treble, middle, bass.  And on the vibrato channel -- bright switch, volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb, speed, intensity. This amp is incredibly easy to dial in at any volume, but it also allows the user enough tonal options to have them tweaking settings for hours on end. No matter what type of player you are, the Mojotone Twin Reverb style amp has plenty to offer.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the parts contained in this kit are subject to availability. Mojotone reserves the right to change or substitute any and all of the parts contained in this amplifier kit without advertisement or notification to the buyer. Part substitutions made by Mojotone are guaranteed not to effect the integrity or operation of your amplifier kit.

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