Celestion Alnico Gold 12'' Speaker 8 Ohm 50W

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Building on the platform of the Blue, the Gold is a higher-powered, Alnico-magnet speaker that recreates the unmistakable sonic signature of a ‘well played-in’ original. Over time, the high frequencies of a Blue soften and become less chalky as the cone becomes more flexible – a much sought after characteristic that the Gold exhibits straight out of the box. Also present in the Gold sound from the outset is an added warmth and complexity in the midrange which, coupled with the classic Alnico qualities of a laid-back attack, rounded low end and brilliant belllike highs, deliver huge rhythm voicings and saturated vocal lead tones. 

The Gold is a wonderfully expressive and revealing loudspeaker, affording guitarists an unprecedented degree of dynamic control. It has already become a favourite for many working players worldwide whether picking and bending with Brad Paisley, or rocking hard with Danny Spitz of Anthrax.
General Specifications
  • Nominal diameter: 12"
  • Power Rating: 50W
  • Nominal impedance: 8Ω and 15Ω
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
  • Chassis type: Pressed steel
  • Voice coil diameter: 1.75"
  • Voice coil material: Round copper
  • Magnet type: Alnico
  • Frequency range: 75-5000Hz
  • Resonance frequency, Fs: 75Hz
  • DC resistance, Re: 6.4Ω & 11.8Ω
Mounting Information
  • Diameter: 12.2"
  • Overall depth: 6.5"
  • Magnet structure diameter: 5.0"
  • Cut-out diameter: 11.1"
  • Mounting slot dimensions: 0.31"
  • Number of mounting slots: 4
  • Mounting slot PCD: 11.7"
  • Unit weight: 9.3lb

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2/17/2021 1:26 pm


by anonymous

I replaced the Jensen speaker on my 5E3 Mojo Tweed Deluxe with a Celestion 8 ohm 12" Alnico Gold. Wow. What a difference. Exactly what I was looking for: great tone and a bit more headroom. Amazing sound out of a great little amp. Plenty of headroom. Worth every penny. My friends can't believe how great this amp sounds.

2/17/2021 1:26 pm


by anonymous

Well what can I say about this speaker that has not been said...

I know this does not sound sane but I installed the Gold in my Fender Mustang 2 v2 practice amp. I also have the Fender Mustang 1, 3 and 5 v2 and just for kicks I previously installed a Gold 10" in the Mustang 1. I was totally blown away so I "invested" in the 12" version for my Fender Mustang 2. I was again completely blown away at the huge difference in the complexity of the tone. I had changed the stock speaker many times previously and had settled on the Tonker and loved it but it was a tad too aggressive/loud for practice if that describes it. The Gold is just perfect. I think it is the best modeling amp available period. I have auditioned a lot of well known speakers and they all seemed to be really good at something but not all things. The Gold is great at everything I can throw at it from super clean jazz to power metal. I was astonished when I could hear the spring reverb ringing clear on the Mustang as the notes carried and trailed. I would have sworn there was an actual spring tank set in the Mustang. It is very much like investing in a 4K TV. The detail is just freakishly amazing. I HIGHLY recommend the Gold if you want to hear the subtleties of your playing and equipment. The Gold is fairly linear (small upper mid bump in a good way) and has no harshness at all. Bass is all there and not flabby. It does sound great a bedroom volumes as well. My speaker/tone quest is finally over - Hallelujah!! It would have been so much cheaper if I would have started with the Gold. There is a reason this speaker cost so much... it's worth it! I have spent a ton on guitars, pickups amps etc to find the perfect tone and convenience at the best price and it turns out to be the Fender Mustang v2 series with Celestion Gold speakers. DONE! I have the Mustang 3 and 5 for gigs as well. I will be putting the Gold in them as well pronto.