Eminence Legend EM12 12" Speaker 8 Ohm 200W

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Weight: 18.5 lb
Sale Unit: Piece

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A high power, 12 inch guitar speaker featuring ultra-clean tone with big, round, punchy lows and warm, smooth mids and highs. A more neutral tone so you can hear more of your amp and guitar.
  • Nominal Basket Diameter: 12", 305mm
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Power Rating: 200W
  • Music Program: N/A
  • Resonance: 49Hz
  • Usable Frequency Range: 60Hz - 4.9kHz
  • Sensitivity: 101.1dB
  • Magnet Weight: 80 oz.
  • Gap Height: 0.375", 9.5mm
  • Voice Coil Diameter; 2.5", 64mm

  • Recommended Enclosure Volume
  • Sealed: Acceptable
  • Vented: Acceptable
  • Driver Volume Displaced; 155.5 cu.in. / 2.55 liters
  • Overall Diameter: 12.38", 314.5mm
  • Baffle Hole Diameter: 11.07", 281.2mm
  • Front Sealing Gasket: Yes
  • Rear Sealing Gasket: Yes
  • Mounting Holes Diameter: 0.26", 6.6mm
  • Mounting Holes B.C.D.: 11.57", 293.9mm
  • Depth: 5.38", 136.5mm
  • Net Weight: 16.3 lbs, 7.39 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 18 lbs, 8.16 kgs

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4/14/2024 1:18 pm

Best EVM 12L alternative around

by Billy

I've used this speaker in a 1x12 cab paired with a myriad of different amps, plus installed in a vintage Twin Reverb combo which is where it is currently. No matter what amp I run through it, or what effects I
throw its way, it stays so tight and "hi-fi", for lack of a better term. Everything is just big sounding through it. I don't think there is anything these speakers can't do, from country to metal. I'm not getting rid of mine anytime soon. Is it dead up exactly like an EVM? Beats me. But man, it is pretty close. It definitely does that big, "neutral" sound that EVMs do. Well enough to get a big thumbs up from me!

11/22/2021 12:43 pm

Very nice speaker the EM-12 by Eminence

by steve -

I recently purchased this speaker for my guitar rig. My system is a wet/dry system with two amplifiers , a Fender Prosonic amp head that feeds a 4-10" cabinet and a Blackstar HT-20 combo that feeds a JBL D120F in a separate cabinet. I then take the line out from the Blackstar and send the signal to a small 70 watt PA head that has a Lexicon processor in-line and this feeds into a 1-12" cabinet with the EM12 speaker. The sound from this speaker is quite impressive, whether distorted or clean. Does it sound just like the venerable EVM 12L ? Well, let's say its very much in the ball-park. I've sold and used the EVM12L since the late 70's and 80's . Great price on a great speaker. Get this before the price goes up- oh wait they've already have.