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Here at Mojotone, we pride ourselves in being the best. We have worked with many bands and companies over the 20 years that we have been in business, and below is a short list of some of the cool stuff we've done.


We are lucky enough to have a long-standing relationship with one of the greatest guitar players we know of, Hanan Rubinstein. From pickups to custom amps and cabinets, we have collaborated with Hanan to get his rig in shape for numerous acts on the big stage, such as Alecia Keys, Kool and the Gang, George Benson and Lenny Kravitz.  If you ever get to see Hanan play live, you will probably hear his custom white and gold 50 watt KT66 amp rig or his custom two-amp wet/dry rigs by Mojotone.


Mojotone was the manufacturer for the Gibson Goldtone Series amps as well as the Trace Elliot Acoustic amps. While manufacturing for Gibson, Mojotone was asked to make a custom checkerboard stack for Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick. Years later we would reproduce this same setup for Rick using his '65 Amps.'

The Mojotone 2x12 ISO cabinet has drawn the attention of great sound engineers all over the world. The ISO cabinet allowed Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy to maximize and control his volume without interfering with the mix on stage.

After receiving a pickup rewind request from Green Day's Mike Dirnt, we began talking to the band about other possible projects. These talks led to us developing the Silvertone Style 1484 amplifier kit which was originally made as a custom amp for Billie Joe Armstrong. Over the years we have developed a working relationship with Green Day and have since helped them with pickups, cabinets and other staging needs.


Jack White's guitar tech enlisted Mojotone to refurbish Jack's Silvertone amps. After making his amps new again, we had the opportunity to build a set of custom sky blue extension cabinets for his stage setup.

One of our favorite projects from over the years was this compartmented oversized 4x12 cabinet loaded with EV12L speakers for Joe Bonamasa. These cabinets were designed after a 4x12 cabinet that Stevie Ray Vaughan made famous.


Once upon a time, the folks at Disney found an article in an interior design publication featuring Kid Rock's custom entertainment center built by Mojotone. Loving the look, Disney then contacted Mojotone to build oversized faux amplifiers as set props for the Jonas Brothers TV show. 


There's nothing better than a road-worn amp with bits of tolex missing and stained grill cloth. Keith Urban wanted one and Mojotone carefully hand relicked a custom tweed twin low power cabinet for him. We have also built a few Port City cabs for Keith's gear repertoire. 

Here is a great custom entertainment center we built for Kid Rock. It was designed to look like a mini Marshall stack and house his entire home entertainment system.

Lenny Kravitz's tour director asked Mojotone to build a backline of both operational and faux amps and cabinets for one of Lenny's tours. The blackface Fender style amp faceplates were screen printed with the name "Roxy" after Lenny's Mother. All of the normally chrome pieces of the amps (corners, feets, handle, etc) were plated with 14k gold. For another tour, we worked with 3rd Power Amps to make a set of triangle-shaped 3x12 speaker cabinets.


The Mojotone 2x12 ISO cabinets made another main stage appearance on stage with Panic at the Disco for a 2016 US tour. We also built custom Bass ISO cabinets for the same tour.

Our first experience with Rush was when Geddy Lee's bass tech contacted us about rewinding a set of Geddy's 1974 Jazz Bass pickups. Following that, Mojotone was commissioned to build a custom 50 watt british style amp for Alex Lifeson to be used on their upcoming Clockwork Angels tour. The amp later became the prototype for the "Lerxst" brand amps that Mojotone now builds exclusively for Alex. 

In 2014 we were contracted to build the stage setup for Rush's final R40 tour. This included 20 faux Marshall cabinets and a recreation of Alex's early 2000 Hughes & Kettner setup, as well as 18 faux Ampeg-ish bass cabinets for Geddy customized with Geddy's "Dirk" logo.


We have had a long-standing relationship with Sheryl Crow's guitarist and musical director, Peter Stroud, and love collaborating with him. These custom 2x15 bass cabinets had a door masked as a grill cloth cover. Sheryl Crow hid inside them and surprised Chris Isaak for his birthday. 


The last two Who tours featured Mojotone projects! For one we made custom stage partitions to cover the keyboard section. For their last tour we built a custom tweed style amp for guitar legend Roger Daltrey. 


Matt Scannell, lead singer and guitar player extraordinaire, is a longtime friend of Mojotone. Scannell owns plenty of Mojotone pickups, cabinets and amps 

and knows he can always count on us to make him something unique. 

When Weezer went on tour, RIvers Cuomo needed cabinets for the stage. Mojotone made him reproduction tall vintage style Marshall style cabinets that were amazing on stage! 

Mojotone has had a part of almost every ZZ Top tour since 2000. They are a creative duo and we love working with them. We've made toppling 4x12 cabinets, pink and green Magnatome amps, relic'd tweed twin high power cabs, banana leaf covered cabinets and more!