Mojotone '59 Clone Vintage P.A.F. Style Hot Humbucker Pickup

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$129.95 to $319.95

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The 59' "Patent Applied For" Clones are for the tone purist. Authentic to every detail using all American made parts. 1959 spec butyrate bobbins, 1959 spec long leg frame, custom vintage spec plain enamel wire, custom alnico 4 cast magnets, maple spacer, vintage spec screws, and vintage spec slugs.

The new "Hot '59 Clone" bridge humbucker closes the gap between vintage P.A.F. tones and modern rock tones offering a fuller sounding bridge pickup with more presence and authority. Paired with our standard output "59 Clone" on the neck, you have a perfect balance from neck to bridge with every bit of clarity and articulation you would expect from a vintage humbucker.

Stock with vintage braided single conductor leads, and vintage 49.2mm spacing. Un-potted coils just like the originals.

Note: If you want to order just the NECK position, please purchase the neck position of our standard ‘59 Clone sku S3PAF728. This is the same neck pickup we pair with the set of ’59 Hots.

Bridge: 9.1K
Magnet: Alnico 4
Lead: Vintage 1-Conductor
Potted: No

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2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Jon Donnegan

by Jon Donnegan

Just put a set of these on my workhorse 2012 Epiphone Pelham Blue SG, and I am very honestly blown away! This guitar never sounded so good, for humbuckers these are unbelievably clear. Even distorted each note absolutely sings out clear as a bell. If you are looking to step up from the stock pickups on your guitar and are looking for an excellent sounding humbucker I cannot recommend these bad boys highly enough! Great job Mojotone, you've earned a customer for life

2/17/2021 1:48 pm

Jef Leopard

by Jef Leopard

Im in love with these pickups.

I’ve got them loaded into my 93 Les Paul Standard.

They sound amazing!

I’ve been trying playing through Lollar Imperials for 10 years.

They sound great.

These hot 59 clones have more clarity and a unique midrange that I haven’t got from a pickup before.

When I first installed them there was a high frequency ringing squeal that I couldn’t get rid of so I sent them back.

I got them back a week later and they sound amazing.

I fell in love with mojotones P-90 56 hot quiet coils too.

Both my Les Pauls are rocking mojotones.

My favorite pickup manufacturer.