Mojotone Anthem 12" 50W Guitar Speaker 8 ohm

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A huge part of being a musician is being intentional about your work. This concept can apply to sound, songwriting, aesthetic, and even gear selection; which goes hand-in-hand with the philosophy behind our Anthem Series Speakers. Each speaker in our Anthem Series was purpose-built to optimize their overall power and functionality without compromising their finely-tuned classic American-voiced tone. After hundreds of hours of research, parts selection, and testing, we’re confident we have outfitted each of these speaker baskets with their perfect paper, voice coil, and magnet counterparts. Straight-seamed ribbed cones, were chosen for their superior performance and unmatched tone, and top-shelf voice coils and magnets have been carefully paired to each of their respective speaker cone sizes.
  • Size 12" Speaker
  • Voice Coil 1.5" Voice Coil
  • Magnet 30 oz Ceramic Magnet
  • Power Handling 50 watts
  • Efficiency 99 dB
  • Voice Coil Type Nomex voice coil
  • Weight 5.73lbs

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2/21/2024 3:10 pm

Don't be fooled by the price!

by Chad Cox

I replaced the Celestion G12 that came stock with my Fender Deluxe Reverb reissue with the Mojotone Anthem 12" 50W 8 Ohm speaker. Wow - I'm blown away. The amp was updated to get rid of all the hum and make it more reliable, but it was still missing something. I was on a budget for this amp, so I decided to give this speaker a chance. I'm blown away. It captures the tone of the original Oxford's but much richer in the mids and highs. The highs are spine tingling. With my Telecaster plugged straight in, I can set the amp and forget it and get the tone I need from the guitar. After listening to this speaker, for this application it's all I will use and recommend. The Celestion G12 that comes with the Reissue Deluxe Reverb amps does not allow you the full range of tone that this amp is supposed to have. Very, very pleased!

2/9/2024 4:53 pm


by Dr Bone

I don’t know what they are doing when they build these speakers but in a desperate attempt to use a blues junior I loaded one of these, now I’ve been using the British speakers for about a year now and love them but this amp needed to be more American. Oh my God!!! The amp actually became usable, and crazy enough…sounds like a fender…we all know how Bkues juniors are kinda their own thing but not anymore…it sounds like a fender now…I can’t explain how big of a difference it is…lol I can say is if your on the fence, jump…you will not regret it! It actually resembles a Princeton with a 12 in it now…the treble is usable, the bass is smooth and the midrange is really evened out…no more spikey mids…and it just gets better as you turn it up…anyway. GREAT JOB MOJOTONE!!! Next is a 4x10 cab to load this thing into and hello mini Bassman…!!!!