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Mojotone BM-FZ Pedal Kit

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BM Fuzz: Iconic thick and rich fuzz tones with adjustable mid attack. A plethora of saturation on demand from this Russian inspired juggernaut.

Revolutionize your pedal board with all new pedal kits by Mojotone! Inspired by the classics, created by the leaders in gear kits, and delivered in an easy-to-assemble package.

Pre-populated circuit boards minimize soldering and make these DIY kits fast and easy. Unleash your creativity and experiment with the internal diode clipping switches that set our pedal kits apart.

Tailor your sound to your exact preferences, whether you're aiming for warm and vintage overdrive or a cutting-edge modern crunch.

The BM-FZ Pedal Kit provides an affordable means of obtaining a modified, vintage-style fuzz with added tone-sculpting features that add versatility to a classic circuit.

Added features include:

Midrange scoop switch
True bypass
Small footprint

This will be a great kit for the beginner level builder. There are only a few components that will need to be soldered in. The main circuit board comes pre-populated, so you can expect a very high rate of first-try success.

The kit comes with a printed copy of the instruction sheet which can also be found under the Documentation tab above.

This kit also comes with the following documents. Please feel free to view and/or download them:

BM-FZ Pedal Kit Instruction Sheet


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12/9/2023 6:55 pm

Awesome kit, wonderful tone

by Rich W

Much easier to assemble than Mojotone's beautiful amps, almost too easy. Less than 30 minutes. Found a great tone that I was missing on my board. Definitely will built another pedal from Mojotone.

11/16/2023 2:27 am

Something to be fixed, or maybe I am doing something wrong

by Lorenzo -

I was enthusiastic about this product, since it has everything I was looking for: a new pedal for a more than reasonable price, a little DIY to do, nice looking cases and some of the sound which were missing in my small pedal collection.
Generally, I can't say I am not satisfied with the purchase, the pedal sounds nicely and all the controls work as they should, but I have to admit, I was faced with a bit of a challenge.
Instructions could be a little more clear, maybe with some colour, and I had some issue with the tiny metal feet of the i/o jack connectors. Once inserted in their spots, there was a 3/4mm gap between the pcb and the connectors, so that managing to fit everything in the case was impossible, holes didn't match with the connector's height.
So I had to cut and trim the connector's feet, which was kinda risky and difficult, but it worked.
I don't know itf I did something wrong, or if anyone else had this kind of issue.