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Mojotone CTS 250K ''Blender'' Guitar Potentiometer

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Much like the Fender "No Load" pot the Mojo Blender pot acts as a true bypass when rotated between 9 and 10. The main difference from the "No Load" is that the Mojo Blender pot has the dished back and there is no click feel between 9 and 10. The Mojo Blender pot is best used for true bypass tone control or Blender guitar wiring.  Use this pot to add a new element of versatility to your sound and your playing.
10% Tolerance
Audio Taper
1/4'' bushing length for plate or pickguard mount
  • Wiring Diagram     
  • Series 450G 24mm Guitar Potentiometer 
  • Robust Construction 
  • Proprietary Anti-Static Lube 
  • Brass Shaft & Bushing 
  • Smooth Rotational Feel 
  • Reduced Shaft Wobble 
  • Solderable Rear Cover 
  • Low Noise Output Description 
  • The Series 450G Guitar Potentiometer is the same robust high-quality guitar potentiometer that has become the industry standard for top guitar manufacturers. Featuring reduced shaft wobble, low noise output, and smooth rotational feel, the Series 450G is supplied with standard tin-plated rear cover and solder lug terminals. 
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    2/17/2021 1:27 pm


    by anonymous

    These blender pots are cool. I used this pot for two different mods on my strat. First I wired it so that the middle tone pot controls all 3 pickups and I used the blender, this way it is removed from the signal between '9 and 10'. And this makes for a very bright raw sound. Second I used a second blender pot (i put it wher the second tone pot was) to fade in the neck pu when I have it in the bridge only position and vise versa. So if your brige pu is sounding a lil thin you can bring in the neck pu like a volume knob. This pot is awesome because both of these modifications can be done and it works perfect for stratocasters.

    This also allows for all 3 pickups to be played at once.