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Mojotone Vintage Taper CTS 500K Short/Split Shaft Guitar Potentiometer

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Mojotone vintage taper pots are made to the highest quality specifications possible by CTS.  These pots are made specifically for guitars and their custom taper is superior to that of standard audio taper potentiometers.  Every component in your guitar is just as important as the next so we made sure we could provide you with the best possible potentiometer for a beautiful and versatile sweep.  We didn't look over a single detail and you won't find a better quality CTS potentiometer anywhere! 

Custom Taper
7% tolerance 
Dished back 
Lowest torque possible! Tightest tolerance available! Effortless turning! 
Solid brass shaft and bushing 
C-Clip reinforced shaft 
Beveled edge split shaft for easy knob push on

  • Series 450G 24mm Guitar Potentiometer
  • Robust Construction
  • Proprietary Anti-Static Lube
  • Brass Shaft & Bushing
  • Smooth Rotational Feel
  • Reduced Shaft Wobble
  • Solderable Rear Cover
  • Low Noise Output Description
  • The Series 450G Guitar Potentiometer is the same robust high-quality guitar potentiometer that has become the industry standard for top guitar manufacturers. Featuring reduced shaft wobble, low noise output, and smooth rotational feel, the Series 450G is supplied with standard tin-plated rear cover and solder lug terminals.
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    2/17/2021 1:27 pm


    by anonymous

    I just put a quad of these in my 2001 R7 Les Paul. Fantastic upgrade! The guitar came alive! Perfect taper and very low friction when turning. Just like I like! I like these better than the "Superpots" sold elsewhere......I will be buying more soon!!!

    2/17/2021 1:27 pm


    by anonymous

    The dish allows for a shorter spine improving torque and turning stability. Contributing to longevity.

    They're my first choice in all my guitars

    Don't be put off by the dish for your historic Les Paul , no one sees them anyway,and for the guitars we build these are the pots we use whenever available. The taper is sensitive and musical throughout its travel.

    My personal favourite CTS potentiometer