Clone P-90 Dogear Pickup

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Faithful to the original 50's era P-90 using a blend of Alnico magnets and vintage spec plain enamel wire. We took the best sounding examples from the 50's and recreated the ultimate neck and bridge combo. 

Alnico 3 for the neck pickup and Alnico 4 for the RWRP bridge pickup. The neck pickup has that sweetness and clarity while the bridge pickup has a nice articulate grind, with rich overtones. Vacuum potted coils.

Bridge: 8K (RWRP)
Neck: 7.3K
Magnet: Alnico 3 (Neck); Alnico 4 (Bridge)
Lead: Optional
Potted: Yes
**Please note that Neck pickup does not fit certain semi-hollow style guitars with a shallow neck angle such as the Epiphone Casino and several others. It's important to reference our product dimensions before you buy.

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10/25/2022 4:42 am

Very satisfied

by Edie -

I put this in a '58 Gibson ES 125T. It is the pickup I have been looking for. Clean, crisp, articulate, with warmth; very well balanced. The alnico three is not as dense and dark as alnico II nor as sharp as alnico V. I think it is a great choice for a hollow body archtop. I also have alnico 3 humbuckers in another guitar, and I knew I liked them before purchasing this one. I am very happy with this pickup, and I would purchase it for another application.

10/22/2022 12:11 pm

Just the Mojo I didn't know I needed...

by Ricketydog -

It's way past time to leave a review for this pickup.
It has been several months since the installbut this pickup is why I am taking the time to write the review.
It is incredible! From crisp low volume cleans, to guttural growl with balanced top end.
No matter what amp I am using; Fender, Marshall, etc, this thing is present, tonal, and articulate. I am not a distortion user, more pushed tube amp kinda guy and this pickup sings, soars and screams. If I ever build another Jr., this pickup will be the only thing in the cavity...