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Plug and Play Jack Plate

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The Plug and Play Jack Plate is a complete drop-in assembly for stereo speaker cabinets. The standard version shown below is marked for the 8 Ohm Stereo and 4/16 Ohm Mono. This is a common setup with guitar cabinets. What is uncommon is the elimination of the switch. This makes connecting the amplifier to the cabinet super easy
  • Interior Length        3.0 in.
  • Interior Width        3.44 in.
  • Item Length        4.03 in.
  • Item Width        4.35 in.
  • Lead Length        18 in.
  • Mounting Hole Center to Center A        3.72 in.
  • Mounting Hole Center to Center B        3.25 in.

For further information on this product, please feel free to view the datasheet here.

11/26/2023 11:13 pm

they need a better quality jack plate.

by BadMac

Disappointed with this. No instructions. you cannot run just the left speaker only. Mine broke after only a couple uses. the 16 ohm input is bad. Its Junk.

7/18/2022 10:19 pm

Second revision

by Bluesky636 -

I succeeded in installing the output plate into my 4x12 Crate cab. It required using an electric jigsaw to enlarge a small round mounting hole to a larger square hole. After rewiring each pair of speakers into two parallel pairs, I found the wires attached to the new plate were long enough to connect directly to each speaker without splicing wires. Put everything back together and checked each output jack and all were correct.