BlackOut Tweed Select

A classic circuit rebuilt & modified

At Mojotone, we’ve been fascinated by Tweed Amps and the fabled 5E3 Circuit for years. Our love and admiration for this simple and effective circuit has influenced in-house debates regarding modifications, and proposals to one another for numerous “what if’s” and “how abouts.” Finally, we decided to bring some of these “what if’s” to life with our Blackout Tweed Select. Modern and Classic Inputs, a versatile tone stack, top-notch electronic components, and a few other juicy tone tweaks give this amp an edge over other Tweeds while retaining that famed 5E3 sound.
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BlackOut British Combo

British Tones Handmade in the USA

The 18-watter to end all 18-watters, our Blackout British Combo was the second amp to be added to our Blackout series. We wanted to take the things we have long appreciated about vintage Marshalls and combine them with a few mods that would increase the amp’s tonal versatility as well as its general practicality. This dual-6V6 monster (6V6, say WHAT?) comes equipped with a master volume, and a three-knob tone stack on the lead channel. Rest assured, there are a number of other tricks we had up our sleeve but we can’t spoil the surprise.
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BlackOut British Head

Stage Ready British Tones

Curious about our Blackout British Combo but you’d rather just have a head version? We thought some players might feel that way, so we took all the super-sweet sounds and the stylish good looks of the combo and squeezed them into a sleek, light-weight headshell. Plug the Blackout British Head into your favorite extension cab and get ready to answer about a million questions from all your friends about what the heck is in this thing!
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LA Boutique Style Cabinet

Modeled after one of the most iconic speaker cabinets of all time, our West Coast 2x12 takes you one step closer to the sound of the LA boutique amp scene. This 3/4" Baltic Birch shell perfectly facilitates thick and punchy tones, while the oval-ported rear panel design tunes the cabinet's low end output and drops the player seamlessly into the mix. Users can either orient the cab horizontally or vertically depending on the head shell they’re using with it and the cabinet’s build quality is absolutely unparalleled, just like the cab it’s modeled after.
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A Big Box For the Biggest tones

Our Canyon Series Cabs include a 1x12, 2x12, and 4x12 (with loaded options), and are the beefiest, boldest cabs on the market. Finely tuned with a frequency relief port, these 100% void-free baltic birch ply cabinets dish out perfectly-rounded sounds that never take away a shred of brilliance or articulation from your amp. Whether you’re chugging, shredding, tapping, or playing open chords, our Canyon Series Cabs are designed to keep up with you while you’re melting the face off of whoever is listening.
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Get The Sound Without The Weight

Most people think a lighter cabinet is a compromise, but we’re here to tell you just the opposite. Guitarists all over the world are benefitting from our Lite Series Cabs. We never skimp on quality or attention to detail and these cabinets are no exception; we simply understand that guitarists need an alternative to hauling around super heavy cabinets night after night. Our Lite Cabs come in British and American styles and are handcrafted at our headquarters in Burgaw, NC.
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The Perfect Club Cabinet

Designed by one of our most seasoned cabinet specialists, our Slammins series cabinets were designed as the perfect stage companion for the gigging musician. Not only are our Slammins cabs 20% lighter than traditional extension cabs, they move sound up towards the guitarists ears rather than down at their legs. Slammins cabs can be used as traditional ext. Cabs or as personal guitar monitors. Come discover a whole new stage experience for both you AND your sound engineer.
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Reproduction Cabinets

The Right Cab for You Project

Most people are aware that Mojotone’s roots are in the vintage reproduction world. For 25 years we’ve been creating the most historically accurate reproductions of the most widely used cabinets in the world. If you have an old amplifier you love but the cabinet is on its last leg, we’ve got your back. If you just want to upgrade your cab’s aesthetics but still need it to fit your chassis, we’ve still got your back. We take the utmost pride in ensuring our customers that their new cab will be a faithful recreation of the cab they came to love in the first place.
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