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BlackOut Tweed Select Modified 5E3

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At Mojotone, we’ve been fascinated by Tweed Amps and the fabled 5E3 Circuit for years. So much so we’ve built our business around it and have grown to be the #1 source for Tweed Style cabinets, parts and kits. Over the years we’ve shipped millions of parts, miles of tweed, thousands of kits and have built hundreds and hundreds of 5E3 type amps ourselves. Our love and admiration for this simple and effective circuit has influenced in-house debates regarding modifications, and proposals to one another for numerous “what if’s” and “how abouts”- all in good fun and always ending in agreement that we should someday bring some of these ideas to life.

SOMEDAY IS NOW Mojotone is excited to share with you the BLACKOUT TWEED SELECT - a 5E3 inspired amplifier that builds on the original circuit and brings a few of our “mods” to life. With the original 5E3 circuit, the volume controls of the Bright and Normal channels are interactive and they tend to “bleed” over into one another with a shared tone knob which serves both channels. We felt this could be “tweaked” for a cleaner, more modern functionality. We set out to implement a more ideal set up that would allow for more control and versatility while retaining the original tonal appeal the original 5E3. Starting with the input section we have taken the Bright and Normal channels from the original circuit and made some minor tweaks and have created what we are calling “Modern” and “Classic” inputs. The Classic input uses a simple 12AY7 circuit feeding into a “Blackface” style EQ featuring Treble and Bass controls. This mod retains the basic 5E3 sound but allows for more control over the tone. The “Modern” input was inspired by a British “800” input circuit and uses the other side of the 12AY7 which feeds into the normal channel resulting in an increased input gain and a higher output, giving the player more access to the available headroom of the 6V6 output section.

HAND MADE HAND WIRED: What you get out of this amp is killer “Tweed Deluxe” style tone on the normal channel with a more control over the tone (treble and bass) coupled with super responsive high-gain Tweed tones on the “Modern” channel. We hand wire these in the Mojotone Shop in Burgaw, NC using Mojo Dijon capacitors, a Heyboer power transformer, carbon composite resistors and Alpha potentiometers all packed into our world class finger jointed ¼” solid pine 1X12 cabinet covered in a “BlackOut Tweed” finish and loaded with a Mojotone British Series BV30 .

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty  on amplifier to be free of technical defects. 90 days on tubes and speakers * This amp produces 15 watts of all tube power. Please consider an attenuator if volume is of any concern. Mojotone will not accept returns based on the amplifier being too loud.
  • Class:A/B Cathode Biased
  • Power:15 Watts
  • Output Tubes:6V6 (2)
  • Preamp Tubes:12AX7 (1), 12AY7 (1)
  • Rectifier:5Y3
  • Cabinet Construction:Solid Pine Cabinet, 1/4" Fingerjoined
  • Covering:Blacked Out Tweed
  • Speaker:1x12 Mojotone BV30H 30 Watt Speaker
  • Built:Handwired in the USA

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6/3/2023 12:08 am

The Tweed to End All Tweeds

by Brett

I can't say enough good things about this amp. Not only does it sound FANTASTIC, but it also looks like pure Rock & Roll too...
Mine has knocked at least two other amps out of rotation. The normal channel gives everything I used my previous Deluxe for, but the Modern channel lets me put a little bit of hair on things when I need it without switching to a Marshall or Orange.
The build quality and design of this amp are too notch!

3/22/2022 12:50 pm

This amp is absolutely PERFECT

by Jared Archdeacon - Verified Reverb Purchase -

This amp is absolutely perfect!!! I play a lot of clean jazzy stuff and it does that so well. When my metal bass player friend comes over I throw a tone bender in front of it gets heavy as a plexi. I play my fender Rhodes electric piano through it, as well as my synth, and electronic drum set. How you guys made something so simple so versatile is nothing shy of wizardry. It is genuinely the perfect amp. I have been thinking of making a stereo rig so may order another one soon 🤣. I tell every player I know to sell there amp and get this.